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What do the clouds say? (Sing to the tune of: What does the fox say!) The waves go “swoosh”, The sails go “swish”, The wheel goes “urch”, And the boom goes “pow”. But what do the clouds say? Do you want to know? The secret of the clouds is ancient history. Mariners for centuries look to the clouds to direct their sails. You can too. Here’s what the clouds say:  Cumulus:  Remember, as a kid, laying […]
Becoming a sailor with LTD Sailing – “Living the Dream!” Always dream of casting off the bowlines and sailing off into the sunset? But you have never actually been on a sailboat before? No problem! We can help you with that! Step 1 – Decide to become a sailor. It’s something that you’ve have dreamed about for a long time. Maybe you sailed a Hobie Cat at summer camp or went on a day sail with […]
Buy the Boat, Live the Dream! So, you have this dream: Imagine you one day will quit your job, throw off the bowlines and sail off into the sunset. Do you have a plan for that? They say “Plan your work, work your plan.” But does that really work? Let’s find out: For 20 years Tim thought about doing just that – sailing off into the sunset. In fact, it’s something that he thought about almost […]
BE the CREW! LTD Sailing is offering an exciting new sailing opportunity! YOU can participate in one of these BIG Caribbean Sailing Regattas in 2014! Be a part of the crew, be a part of the action, be the party – “Living the Dream”! Learn to race! Improve your sailing skills! Have the time of your life! NO PREVIOUS EXPERIENCE REQUIRED! Just a desire to get on the water and sail fast! Come join us for any […]
ASA Sailing Schools – Join LTD Sailing – at the biggest show on earth! The biggest boat show that is. The 44th Annual Annapolis Boat Show is the oldest and largest in-water boat show in the world! Guess what? We’re going! Chris and Chrystal will be representing LTD Sailing at the boat show from 10 – 14 October. When you first arrive, walk around the corner and see all the masts  – it takes your […]
Summer: TO BE CONTINUED… On a Caribbean sailing vacation! Not ready to give up Summer? Continue the fun in the sun on a Caribbean sailing vacation this Fall.  Don’t put away those flip flops just yet!                   Forget the coming chill and book a ticket to the Caribbean! Here’s why: Great prices:                         The off-season runs through December 13th. This is […]
Now that you have discovered sailing in Grenada, how do you get here? You have decided to fly into Grenada so you can cast off the bowlines and set sail in Grenada and the Grenadines with LTD Sailing! Next step, buying your tickets!  The location code for Grenada is “GND”. This is helpful when you are looking for flights. Just input “GND” in the destination section. Not all search engines represent all airlines – such as Jet […]
First stop: Underwater Sculpture Park with LtD Sailing in Grenada and the Grenadines One of the first stops we do on our week-long Cruise and Learn trips with LtD Sailing in Grenada and the Grenadine  is the Underwater Sculpture Park.  Don your mask, pop in your snorkel and splash into the shallow waters of the Caribbean sea just off Moliniere Point to visit the eerie statues of the World’s first Underwater Sculpture Park. As you swim toward the Marine Park, you start […]
Capturing the feeling that is Caribbean sailing and culture: local artist Lisa Herrera Sailing in the azure waters of the Caribbean gives you a heightened sense of awareness for color and light. When I first saw the paintings of local Grenadian artist, Lisa Herrera, it took my breath away! She captured the brilliant colors and the vibrant life of Grenada and the Grenadines.  Of course, the fact that she includes sailboats in her portfolio is a bonus for the yachting world. But […]
What do you do on a Super Full Moon when you are not running a Caribbean sailing school? Well, you grab your headlamp, throw on your running shoes (if you have them) and hitch a ride to the latest Hash House Harriers event. Hmmm….what’s that got to do with a Caribbean sailing school? Staying fit is always important – especially on sailboats! And if you can have fun at the same time, even better! We heard about “hashing” while talking to some […]