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Caribbean Sailing Vacation FAQ

At LTD Sailing - “Living the Dream!” we understand that you'll have questions about our sailing school, your instructor, the food, or even what to wear. We’re happy to help! If the answer isn’t here, please contact us.

Basic Cruise and Learn

Grenada is located at the Southern end of the Caribbean chain of islands about 103 miles north of Trinidad. It is an independent country about the size of Detroit. It's also known as Lesser Antilles and West Indies. At 12’11”N, 61’67”W it's considered below the hurricane belt for insurance purposes.

Questions About the Sailing School

Yes! That's part of the fun! There's nothing like the gentle rocking of a boat to lull you to sleep after a great day on the water – kinda like a giant hammock. All the linens – sheets, towels, pillows etc. are provided.

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