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Oh, the Places You'll Go!

The Southern Caribbean has some of the best sailing in the world! The people are friendly, the islands are unspoiled and the tradewinds blow. So, where can you expect to go on your sailing school adventure?

Here are examples of our seven-day and ten-day itineraries from Grenada:

Sample Itinerary for 7-Day Cruise & Learn

Please note that itineraries are subject to change due to weather, sailing conditions, Covid-19 protocols and at the captain's discretion.
Grenada Sailing

Day 1 – Marina/Grand Anse Beach

Grenada Sailing

Day 2 – Grand Anse Beach/Halifax Harbor

  • Breakfast
  • Snorkel/swim before lessons
  • Cover the day’s lessons
  • Go sailing! Get out on the water & work on basics
  • Anchor at Halifax Harbor
  • Dinner onboard (Suggestion: Caillou Stuffed Chicken)
Grenada Sailing

Day 3 – Halifax Harbor/Tyrell Bay

  • Chart your course
  • Sail up the leeward side of Grenada
  • Settle into Tyrell Bay
  • Dinner ashore (Suggestion: Lazy Turtle or Slipway)
Grenada Sailing

Day 4 – Tyrell Bay/Petit St. Vincent

  • Cockpit learning session – the sailboat IS the classroom!
  • Sail up to Petit St. Vincent (PSV) & Petite Martinique (PM)
  • Visit PSV – a private island
  • Dinner onboard (Suggestion: Cheeseburgers in paradise!)
Grenada Sailing

Day 5 – Petit St. Vincent/Sandy Island

  • Cover lesson material
  • Go sailing and take a mooring ball at Sandy Island - a marine protected area
  • Snorkel along the reef
  • Stroll along the shore and back for dinner onboard (Suggest: Pasta marinara)
  • Dining option: Tim’s BBQ on Sandy Island and crab racing!
Grenada Sailing

Day 6 – Sandy Island/Moliniere Point

  • Sail down to Moliniere Point
  • Grab a mooring ball at another protected marine area
  • Snorkel the Underwater Sculpture Park
  • Dinner onboard (Suggestion: Fresh fish)
Grenada Sailing

Day 7 – LTD Sailing Dock/ Secret Harbor Marina

  • Return to the marina
  • Practice docking
  • Clear off the boat by 11 a.m.

Sample Itinerary for TEN-DAY Learn & Cruise

Please note that itineraries are subject to change due to weather, sailing conditions, Covid-19 protocols and at the captain's discretion.

Day 1 – Marina/Grand Anse Beach

  • Get acquainted with the boat, toss off the bowlines, and sail out of the harbor!
  • Drop the hook off Grand Anse Beach
  • Dinner ashore (Suggestion: Coconut Beach Restaurant)

Day 2 – Grand Anse Beach

  • Take a refreshing swim to the Sculpture Park
  • Go over some sailing material
  • Cast off the mooring lines and go sailing!
  • Cover the basics – points of sail and basic maneuvers
  • Set the anchor as the sun starts to fade off Grand Anse beach
  • Dinghy ashore for dinner at Coconut Beach Restaurant

Day 3 – Grand Anse/Tyrell Bay

  • Wake up by 7 a.m., ready to go at 8 a.m.!
  • Raise the anchor and set sail up-island to Tyrell Bay
  • Enjoy the sights of the leeward side of Grenada
  • Can you find the aids to navigation?
  • Eat dinner aboard – who’s cooking tonight?

Day 4 – Tyrell Bay/Union Island

  • Sail for a new country – St. Vincent and the Grenadines!
  • Make landfall on Union Island, stroll through the town of Clifton, and restock. Clifton is a great place for fresh vegetables, chocolate croissants or just one more bag of ice.
  • Delve into a little more classroom material
  • Head to Happy Island for a Sundowner
  • Dinner ashore or on the boat – you decide!

Day 5 – Union Island/Tobago Cays

  • Sail to Tobago Cays
  • Practice maneuvers under sail along the way
  • Get in a quick swim before sundown
  • Ease through the reef in the cut between Pettit Bateau and Pettit Rameau!
  • Navigate this tricky passage by sight, watching for the brownish-green color of coral, the dark shadow of grass, or the light blue of a sandy bottom
  • LOBSTER BBQ on the beach with Romeo (in season)

Click for more information on the Tobago Cays

Day 6 – Tobago Cays/Chattam Bay

  • Take morning sailing lessons
  • Enjoy picturesque views of protected waters at the Tobago Cays Marine Park
  • Swim with the turtles
  • Lunch, then sailing!
  • See the infamous Green Flash at Chatham Bay - the BEST place to see the natural phenomenon

Day 7 – Chattam Bay/Mayreau

  • Coffee, fresh juice and mango French toast for breakfast
  • Talk about sailing in lessons
  • Pull up anchor for a leisurely sail to tranquil aqua-blue waters of Salt Whistle Bay (or Saline Bay) in Mayreau
  • How are those man overboard drills going? (OR is it “crew” overboard?)
  • Hike up the hill for the view and a visit with Robert Righteous

Day 8 – Mayreau/Tyrell Bay/Sandy Island

  • Wake up! We’re headed to Clifton Harbor!
  • See the beautiful protected anchorage of Sandy Island
  • Practice tying up to a mooring ball with bowline loops big enough to hook from the deck!

Day 9 – Sandy Island/Grand Anse

  • Big sail back to St. George’s anchoring just outside Port Louis Marina
  • Dinghy into the marina and experience the local culture of the “dollar bus
  • Enjoy a meal at Umbrella’s Beach Bar

Day 10 – LTD Sailing Base at Secret Harbor, Mt. Hartman Bay

  • Pull up the anchor
  • Head back to the base for docking practice
  • Pack up your bathing suits and cowboy boots and depart the boat by 11 a.m.

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