Annapolis Boat Show 2021

I LOVE this boat show! Walking down the dock looking at a sea of sail boats makes my heart flutter!

I LOVE to hear people talking about sailing and everywhere you turn you run into a sailing superstar!

Like this little super star! The newest Balance 526 Blue Diamond! Beautiful!

LOL! We went to the SV Delos party and here we are with Pappa Delos. What a character! I tried to get everyone to photo bomb him like he always does. Good times! (A little cold, though!)

The new Balance 482 Golden Hour got nominated for SO many things! Did she win? (That sky looks scary!)

Crabby Tots from Davis Pub are to die for or to live for depending on your perspective. I ain’t gonna lie, when I heard there was a crab shortage in Annapolis I was so worried! The first thing we did when when got to Annapolis was to drop out bags off at our Air B & B then head straight to the crabby tots! Do you have a favorite New England treat?

If you can only make it to one boat show, it has to be the Annapolis Boat show!

Hope to see you there next year!

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