Sailing School Reviews



You'll share our love of sailing after a trip with us if you didn't before you started. You can start from square one, brush up your skills, or take the wheel on your own. You can count on us to help you along your chosen route of living the dream sailing! Here’s what our students have to say:

Sailing School Reviews

I can’t thank you enough

I can’t thank you enough for one of my best vacations ever. Your patience is amazing and you made this learning (vacation) a great adventure!


Sailing School Reviews

The perfect combination

The perfect combination of vacation and education. I learned more this week than a semester in college


Sailing School Reviews

My first certifications in ASA

Chris was the ASA instructor for my first certifications in ASA 101, 103, and 104. Not only is he instructive but he made learning fun! Chris concentrates on the details and ensures that the student has every opportunity to learn and practice each essential skill. When the work was done, we had as much fun sailing as we did learning. We’ve remained close friends since and LTD Sailing is my school of choice!

- By TIM B.

Sailing School Reviews

You will achieve your goals working with Chris

Chris’s ability to work with people of all abilities and his easy-going nature make sailing with him both educational and fun. You will achieve your goals working with Chris. It also helps a lot that he knows how to get hot chocolate-filled croissants delivered to your boat in the morning while anchored in the Grenadines, how to hike up to Robert Righteous’ Restaurant, and who makes the best lobster BBQ in the islands!
Good luck to my friend Chris and LTD Sailing and hope to see you in Salt Whistle Bay again someday.

- By LORA E.

Catamaran Sailing School

Chris showed us where to see marine life

My husband and I took a week-long class with Chris as our instructor. Upon arrival at the docks, we had a bit of that “uh-oh, what did we get ourselves into” feeling, as learning sailing lingo can feel like taking on a foreign language. But Chris’s approach is so laid back, we were quick to relax and start taking it all in.
The technical side is one thing, but sailing with Chris also provided great exposure to the reasons people get passionate about sailing. Chris showed us where to see marine life, led us to secret discoveries on each island, and shared his highly technical theory called, “Sails down, bottoms up.” (Be sure to ask about this one.)
Although his worldly sailing experience has taken him around the globe, he’s someone you’ll totally want to hang out with for a week, too. If you’re thinking about it, DO IT.


Sailing the Caribbean

Chris Rundlett as my sailing instructor

Over the past four years that I’ve had Chris Rundlett as my sailing instructor, he’s taken me from a deer in the headlights sailing newbie up in the San Juan Islands to an ASA 106.

- By Advanced Coastal Cruiser student

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