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AS of May 1st 2021 (Subject to change.)

Arriving in Grenada 2021 – What to expect when your fully vaccinated?

Please note, a fully vaccinated person is someone who has been vaccinated with a W.H.O approved vaccine, i.e. Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZenica, Johnson&Johnson etc. A fully vaccinated person is someone counted two weeks after their final dose. 

Things to do before your departure to GrenadaTimeline, calendar  Description automatically generated

  • To have a PCR test taken 72 hour prior to your departure time (See picture to your right)
  • Have COVID-19 included insurance to travel
  • Booked approved accommodation for a MIN of two nights
  • Apply for travel authorization

Upon arrival at Grenada international airport

  • Show travel authorization certificate AND negative RT-PCR test before boarding your flight.
  • Show a copy of your vaccination card and negative PCR test upon arrival

Once cleared from customs

  • You will have your second PCR test either at the airport or upon arrival at approved hotel
  • You will receive results within 48 hours
  • Once results come back negative you are free to come sailing and enjoy beautiful, sunny Grenada!
  • You will need an antigen/PCR test again for your return flight, again this is within 72 hours before departure. This can be arranged for you by us at LTD Sailing during you class – You’ll just need to fill out your Registration Forms to let us know when your return flights are so our instructors can sync this into your class!

What is quarantine like?

We’ve had a lot of people message us to ask what quarantine is like here in Grenada and if it’s true that you’ll literally be stuck in a hotel room for days. Well we can confidently tell you that this is not the case in most if not all places!

Most people have said that even the seven days have been pretty painless. The hotels have had exceptionally low consumption since the pandemic so right now they are doing everything they can to make sure you have a great experience in quarantine. 

When booking your approved facility, we recommend you get in touch with them to discuss their quarantine packages, and which facilities in the hotel are in use for those in quarantine. Lots of hotels have more than one pool, allowing Q guests to use one, and cleared guests to used the other, same with in-house restaurants and bars. 

There’s also lots of beach front hotels who are allowing beach and ocean access for Q guests, and even scuba diving if you book with a resort such as Mt Cinnamon or Sandals. 

Be sure to get in touch with your accommodation provider for more information on what they can offer, and if you haven’t received one already, get in touch with us at LTD Sailing for the recommendation list of approved facilities!


Because of the quarantine protocol, LTD Sailing unfortunately will be unable to greet you at the airport at this time, as you will be opted to take an approved cab to your facility. Most of these taxis are waiting at the gate when you arrive, and it wouldn’t be necessary to arrange this in advance.

Our trusted taxi driver Cyril will be ready to greet you however on the morning of your class. He will pick you up, once cleared from your hotel and bring you straight to your LTD Sailing class whether it is in Secret Harbor or Port Louis Marina! This first taxi is complimentary by LTD Sailing! 

For any more information please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at:

[email protected]


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