A 2021 Greek Odyssey

Greece! We finally made it! After rescheduling our trip a number of times, we finally made it! We had three boats in our LTD flotilla. I was a little worried that someone might get caught up in the pandemic but everyone made it to the boat! The crew got aboard early to provision and make sure everything was perfect for the week. Our instructors, U.S. Chris, Irish Mike and Italian Nico made sure we had a lot of fun along the way but stayed safe at the same time. Good Job!

We arrived in Pireas where the Sunsail / Moorings base is located. A beautiful marina with lots of restaurants and stores.

Provisioning was super easy except for everything being in Greek and a slight language barrier when ordering things. The store delivered out groceries right to the boat so we didn’t have to worry about getting a taxi and dragging a bunch of bags down the dock. Dock carts are not a thing.

Our guests were greeted with mimosas!

We sailed through the Saronic Islands just outside of Athens.

Our first anchorage at Sounion set the bar- under the Temple of Poseidon. I know, right? It was an easy stroll up the hill to watch the sunset.

Look at that! The Temple of Poseidon at night! Pure magic! (This picture was taken on my phone.)

Each morning our captains would get together, check the weather and plot our course for the day.

Wandering through the back streets of the villages. Don’t expect anything to be open mid day.

Loved these umbrellas!

A we’re here cheers was in order once we had the anchor down! Have you ever tried Mastiha?

Nobody is going hungry in Greece!

Are you ready for the floaty animal parade? We are!

Our last night back at the marina. What a great trip!

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