Sailing Schools


Meet Our Sailing School Instructors!

Experience the islands like a local with our team of professional sailing school instructors who enjoy sharing that experience with you.

We require our instructors to be United States Coast Guard licensed instructors or RYA Yacht Masters as well as American Sailing Association certified for each level they teach. Each is patient, knowledgeable, and professional.

Sailing Schools

Chris Rundlett

As the son of a son of a sailor, Chris began his first sailing adventure while his dad was stationed in North Dakota with the U.S. Coast Guard. Finding an abandoned little Sunfish and restoring it, he set sail on his own at 13. Since then, he dreamed of bigger horizons and sailed whenever he got the chance. In 2005, Chris says, “I decided to stop dreaming my life and start living my dream!”

Sailing School

Jenni Hellpap

Jenni wants to go sailing!

She started out by taking classes with us, then started working in the office, and is now a sailing instructor.

Jenni plans on buying a boat and beginning her own adventures exploring the world one day.

Sailing Schools

Grace Pytell

Just back from sailing America’s Great Loop, Grace has joined us in Grenada as a sailing instructor and captain.

This is a perfect opportunity to merge her love of sailing, boat life, and teaching.

Grace says: “Every day that I get to teach and sail is a great one, and there’s no greater gift than being able to share that with our students. If you’re dreaming of an island-hopping sailing escape this winter, you know where to look!”

Sailing Schools

Mike Harrington

Mike is a world traveler hailing from Ireland.

Before coming to Grenada, he worked teaching sailing in the BVI until it was destroyed.

Mike’s signature Hashtag is #doyour20s

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