2021: a Greek odyssey – An Epic Experience of Adventure and Exploration

Previously on LTD Sailing –  “Living The Dream!” we sailed in the Northern part of Greece, Croatia, Tahiti and in the San Juan Islands. This year we will be exploring the Saronic Islands of Epidavros, Poros, Sounion and Aigina! Along the way will visit historical sites and enjoy the local culture.

This is 2021: a Greek odyssey!

2020: a Gteek odessy


Fly into Athens and sail out of Zea Marina at 10 AM 26 September 2021 and end our trip the morning of 2 October 2021. This will be a fun trip with an average of about two to three hours of sailing each day. You are welcome to participate as much or as little as you like.  We will have a Caribbean night so bring your party shirts and an inflatable animal flotilla with lobsters, sharks & dolphins – OH MY!

Irish Mike will be our lead skipper as he has all the local knowledge. Please plan to spend a few days before or after the sail to do more exploring in Athens with Mike, as well. He is super excited to share this part of the world with the LTD family and we are too!


Day 1: Sunday 26 Sept. 2021 Zea to Aigistri (22 nm) Dinner ashore

Zea Marina

Starts at Zea Marina in Athens. LTD will have the boats all prepped and ready the day before, so Meet and Greet from 930. 1000-1030 off the dock. Destination is Aigistri. 22nm. There’s a beautiful turquoise secluded shore, where vessels can anchor in 7m reverse back and Longline to shore.  With a few dinghys in the water, we should be able to get all the LTD boats close together for fun and then right round the corner there’s a little Taverna where we can do a Team Meetup and a meal for the evening.  

Aigistri, Greece

Day 2: Monday 27 Sept. 2021 Aigistri to Epidavros (8 nm) Dinner ashore
Arriving early (before noon) to get the best spot on the dock and hook up to power. Relax! Swim! Enjoy! Lunch and then afternoon activities.  Biggest attraction in Epidavros is the Outdoor Amphitheatre and the Temple of Asclepius (same site). The Amphitheatre seats about 12000 people, still active so we MAY be able to catch a show, and then the site around contains some ancient Greek history too so it’s worth a visit.  Visit to the Amphitheatre is an optional activity.

Back towards the water (asap) there’s the chance to do a cool snorkel in a bay over an old village.  Pretty cool, you can see all the old foundations and communal eating areas and stuff under the water.  Also they serve 500ml wine for 6euro on the shore there so yno, win win.  Restaurant for the evening: Perivoli. Greek cuisine with tables set under a grange of orange trees.  5 star dining experience for sure.  

The Great Theatre of Epidavros

Day 3 Tuesday 28 Sept. 2021 Epidavros to Midi Island (14 nm) to Poros (10nm) Dinner ashore

Heading out from Epidavros, we’ll stop at Midi Island – a stunning lunch time location and snorkel opportunity in paradise! After lunch, we’ll head over to Poros. This is our first beautiful, stunning old harbour town.  Amazing from the water.  Red roofs and old buildings.  Will be a great evening to explore the streets. We’ll make reservations for a group dinner then take an evening stroll.

Pools open!

Day 4 Wednesday 29 Sept. 2021 Poros to Sounion (25 nm) Temple Of Poseidon, Dinner ashore

Temple of Poseidon

Once anchored, get your land legs and check out the area of Planka – one of the most traditional part of Athens. Grab a bottle of wine and a baquette for a sunset picnic at the Tempe of Poseidon. Just another amazing selfie to document your travels.

Day 5: Thursday 30 September 2021 Sounion to Klima Bay, Aigna – Dinner on board, Infatable Animal Parade

This is a new location on the chart and a chance for another beach day.  Klima has space for lots of boats, a Beach Bar in summer (not sure about October) and is a great spot to just get some swim time in, lounge onboard or hit the beach.  Be ready for a Floaty Flotilla with your inflatable animal. The main Port of Aigina is on the north of the island, so we’ll taxi to the town after dinner . Taxi into town is an optional activity.

Kilma Bay, Aigna

Day 6: 1 October 2021 Kilma Bay to Midi Island to Zea Cruisers Potluck and Caribbean Party – Dinner on board
One final remote lunch spot for the week.  Midi is turquoise paradise and a final chance to enjoy the boat before we’re back on dry land. On this evening we have to get the boats back to Zea.  We might as well push this until 4,5 in the evening and then head into Athens for a final end of the trip meal out for everyone.  

Day 7: 2 October 2021 Zea

Pack up your bathing suits and put on your cowboy boots. Farewell breakfast then off the dock by 11 AM.


When: 26 September to 2 October 2021

Where: Set sail from Zea Marina (near Athens)

What: 44′ catamaran, 4 cabins

How much: $2700 USD per person double / $4400 USD Single. LTD Sailing Alumni $2300 USD per person double/$3900 single;

Price includes: LTD skipper, yacht, boat insurance, ensuite cabin, continental breakfast, snacks, lunch on the boat and two dinners on board. Welcome party, Caribbean Night and souvenir shirt.

Not included: Airfare, on-shore accomodations and meals, admission to historic sites and guides, taxis, alcohol, skipper gratuity, inflatable animals & cheesy Caribbean tourist shirts for Caribbean Night.

Unitary subject to change due to skipper discretion or changing weather conditions.

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