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LTD Sailing Coffee Blend Keeps you Sailing! Wheeee! I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about coffee. Then I met Jerry from Spice Isle Coffee in Grenada. We had such a fascinating conversation on the characteristics of coffee that I wanted to know more. That is when we decided to make an appointment, bring some friends and create our own coffee blend! How fun is that? Now granted, not everyone really cares about the […]
“Can I get a radio check?” What do you do when you are ready to set sail but you don’t have internet access and your phone is out of range? How do you find out about the weather? What if you just arrived in Grenada and need information on where to get your sail repaired? Maybe you just want to get off the boat and need to know what’s happening. The best way to accomplish […]
Welcome Scorpio! @ Tyrell Bay, Carriacou Looking up at the night sky at anchor on a balmy night in Tyrell Bay, we were greeted to a brilliant, sparkling night sky! And right there, hitting us smack in the face was Scorpio! Scorpio 23 October – 21 November   After a mellow five-hour sail up from Grenada, we anchored our catamaran right off the shore near the Tyrell Bay ferry dock. We busily began getting the […]
  Engine – CHECK! Caribbean Sailing School Check-list What better place to earn ASA (American Sailing Association) certifcations than with LTD Sailing’s Caribbean sailing school! LTD Sailing – “Living the Dream!” offers live-aboard courses in a tropical paradise! We sail in the Grenadines between St. Vincent and Grenada, West Indies! During our ASA  104 Coastal Cruising Course you will learn about the systems on a cruising yacht. One of the important systems we cover during our Caribbean sailing school courses is […]
EXPLORE GRENADA with a visit toEsther & Omega’s Cooking Class“Omega means last.” Esther announces with a playful grin as she stands in front of the class passing out tasty samples from the grill. Omega would have to wait. A sad voice from the back of the room replies “Esther is being mean to me.” and the entire audience turns to see Omega staring at the floor. Immediately, they begin to console her. Esther rolls her eyes, as usual. True […]
Congratulations! You’ve earned your first ASA certification and your ASA Log Book! Or maybe you have completed the Basic Cruise and Learn with LTD Sailing and you are ready to book a charter and sail on your own! One of the most important things that a charter company will ask you for is your sailing resume (That AND your credit card number!)“Okay, so, what is that?”Basically, it’s proof that you know how to sail a boat on […]
Sailing in the Caribbean and the Mustique Blues Festival   LTD Sailing is offering a week-long cruise on a private yacht through the islands of the Grenadines with a stop at the Mustique Blues Festival. This event is held every January at the famous Basil’s Bar and features top named blues artists and Mick Jagger has even been known to make an appearance! Got the moves like Jagger? LTD Sailing Blues Cruise 30 January – 5 […]
ASA 105/106 Advanced Coastal Cruising So, you’re thinking about taking some advanced ASA courses, eh? You’ve taken 101, 103, 104 and maybe you’ve chartered a boat  a time or two. You know that you have come across some situations that made you uncomfortable so you take down the sails and motor. Wrong! Build your confidence with LTD Sailing’s ASA 105/106 Advanced Coastal Cruising course. NEXT CLASS SCHEDULED FOR ST. LUCIA, 30 MARCH – 5 APRIL, […]
Grenada Sailing Week 30 January – 4 February, 21014 Location: 12.1167° N, 61.6667° W Why not start your Caribbean sailing regatta campaign with Grenada Sailing Week?  Grenada is the “charm” at the south end of the Caribbean Island chain. Not only will you experience great sailing but you will meet some of the friendliest island people and cheers an international group of sailors during this week. Join LTD Sailing for our racing clinics then regatta crew. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! INCLUDES: […]
Caribbean Racing Regattas What’s it like to be part of the crew… While watching America’s Cup you could imagine yourself there – reading the wind, grinding the wench, and waving to the fans during the victory lap? Don’t you wish you could be a part of that – a part of the crew? What’s it like? Is it hard work? Do you party like a pirate? Well, yes and no. Pre-race days Get to know the boat […]