Do You Need A Sailing License?

Congratulations! You have just earned your ASA 104 – Bareboat Charter Certificatiotion. Now what?

You’re ASA 104 Bareboat Certification is proof that you are able to: skipper a sailboat approximately 30 to 45 feet (with engine) on a multi-day trip on coastal waters in winds up to 30 knots and moderate sea conditions. Simple enough, right? This also means you understand the systems on the boat, basic sail trim, dinghy handling and safety at sea.

Is there anything else I  need? What about chartering a boat outside the United States?

ASA offers an official International Proficiency Certificate accepted by Mediterranean charter companies as well as worldwide. More and more countries have eliminated the “credit card captain” mentality as they realize their boats and the very product they offer is at stake – the coral reefs. Belize has just recently started requiring a license because their coral reefs are being
destroyed by careless boaters.

There are other factors to take into consideration by the charter company. They will want you to fill out a resume. You should be filling in your ASA log book whenever you go out sailing. If you are on the water for four hours, that is considered a day. Don’t forget to log your small boat experience or if you were deck hand – it all counts. Your instructor should have filled in the information on the boat for you, as well. Give them as much detail as you can including anyone else on the boat that might have certifications or experience.

What if they reject my resume?

When you get to the boat, they will conduct a boat and chart briefing. Take these both seriously! The boat briefing takes you through the operation of all the systems, using the equipment and location of safety equipment. (If they don’t, just ask!) If they feel that you don’t have enough knowledge about boats, some companies offer a “friendly skipper” at no charge. Others
may require you to pay for a captain for a week. But that is the worst-case scenario and I’ve only heard of this happening once in since we started in 2013. Often the charter company will take the boat out to open water and help you raise the sails. The charter company will ask you to call them when you return and they can help you bring the boat back in.

To apply for your International ProficiencyCertification, you will need:

·      A passport photo

·      Your ASA membership number

·      $45.70 USD

This certification is good for five years. All other ASA certifications do not expire.

As LTD Sailing alumni, we are your source for any questions regarding sailing, sailboats or sail training. Please feel free to contact us anytime. We have been sailing in the Pacific Norwest from Seattle to Mexico, the East coast  from Grenada to New York, Bahamas, Tahiti and the Society Islands, Croatia, Greece and all through the Caribbean Islands. Happy sailing!

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