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LTD Sailing Coffee Blend Keeps you Sailing! Wheeee! I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about coffee. Then I met Jerry from Spice Isle Coffee in Grenada. We had such a fascinating conversation on the characteristics of coffee that I wanted to know more. That is when we decided to make an appointment, bring some friends and create our own coffee blend! How fun is that? Now granted, not everyone really cares about the […]
“Can I get a radio check?” What do you do when you are ready to set sail but you don’t have internet access and your phone is out of range? How do you find out about the weather? What if you just arrived in Grenada and need information on where to get your sail repaired? Maybe you just want to get off the boat and need to know what’s happening. The best way to accomplish […]
Welcome Scorpio! @ Tyrell Bay, Carriacou Looking up at the night sky at anchor on a balmy night in Tyrell Bay, we were greeted to a brilliant, sparkling night sky! And right there, hitting us smack in the face was Scorpio! Scorpio 23 October – 21 November   After a mellow five-hour sail up from Grenada, we anchored our catamaran right off the shore near the Tyrell Bay ferry dock. We busily began getting the […]
Capturing the feeling that is Caribbean sailing and culture: local artist Lisa Herrera Sailing in the azure waters of the Caribbean gives you a heightened sense of awareness for color and light. When I first saw the paintings of local Grenadian artist, Lisa Herrera, it took my breath away! She captured the brilliant colors and the vibrant life of Grenada and the Grenadines.  Of course, the fact that she includes sailboats in her portfolio is a bonus for the yachting world. But […]
What do you do on a Super Full Moon when you are not running a Caribbean sailing school? Well, you grab your headlamp, throw on your running shoes (if you have them) and hitch a ride to the latest Hash House Harriers event. Hmmm….what’s that got to do with a Caribbean sailing school? Staying fit is always important – especially on sailboats! And if you can have fun at the same time, even better! We heard about “hashing” while talking to some […]
What is this “liming” you speak of? Well, according to Wiktionary, liming is: Verb liming (Alternate forms: limin’ or lyming) (Trinidadian, Caribbean, slang) hanging around, usually in a public place with friends, enjoying the scene. “No Liming or Loitering – No Shouting or Loud Noise” (written on a sign in Port of Spain shopping mall).  Liming is the art of doing NOTHING. Some people might call it being lazy, but most lime time is well-deserved. Sometimes […]
 What is it about a full moon? Does it conquer up images of moonlight reflecting on the water, warm breezes blowing through the palms and the sound of waves lapping along the side of the sailboat? Or do you think of creatures howling in the moonlight? How does the full moon effect people, animals, or the ocean? Statistically speaking there is no evidence that the moon has any influence on people or animals. Ocean tides are […]

Caribbean beach on a skippered yacht charter

“The Grenadines? Where is that? Is that near the BVI?”    That is the response I get whenever I tell people where we sail. Well, just skip down a few islands, past the crowded Virgin Islands and you will arrive in the REAL Caribbean!  St. Vincent is the beginning of the chain of islands known as the Grenadines. St. Vincent is one of the many starting points for your skippered yacht charter or Caribbean sailing school  adventure with LtD Sailing. […]

Barracuda on Union island, Grenadines

Ooooh! Barracuda! I have a special place in my heart for barracuda. I always see them lurking about while I am snorkeling or diving. They have that long, skinny body, slight overbite – not unlike the nerds from science class in high school. They are harmless unless provoked – again, not unlike the nerds from science class. Ok, ok, maybe not quite like that. Barracuda might saw your arm off with their razor sharp teeth. […]

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