Sleeping with the Stars: Welcome Scorpio @ Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

Welcome, Scorpio! @ Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

Looking up at the night sky at anchor on a balmy night in Tyrell Bay, we were greeted to a brilliant, sparkling night sky! And right there, hitting us smack in the face was Scorpio!

Scorpio 23 October – 21 November


Constellation: Scorpio

After a mellow five-hour sail up from Grenada, we anchored our catamaran right off the shore near the Tyrell Bay ferry dock. We busily began getting the boat ship shape: tucking in the mainsail, flaking the jib sheets and setting the anchor alarm. Chores are done, we were lounging on the tramp, getting ready for our “We’re here!” cheers and looked up at the sky. What an amazing site! There was no moon that night which made the sky inky black. A great backdrop for the Scorpio to emerge just off the horizon.

Sunset @ Tyrell Bay, Carriacou
Sunset @ Tyrell Bay, Carriacou

The absence of ambient light on the island of Carriacou is a huge benefit for star gazing – as with many islands in the Caribbean. Not an astronomer? No problem! There are many apps for your phone that you can download to help you find treasures in the sky. Here is the one we like:

– For Android phones, download for 99 cents from Amazon:

Night Sky for Androids

– For iPhones:

Night Sky for iPhones

We love this app! Be careful, though. I have had more than a few missteps walking home at night with my phone pointing to the sky. This app is best used while liming on the deck of a boat, in a sleepy harbor in the Caribbean!

Don’t have a phone? Here is a good website to help you find it on your own:

EarthSky Constellations

Experience the “Wow! that is so cool!” moment of finding Scorpio as well as other constellations in the sky during your week-long sailing vacation with LTD Sailing – “Living the Dream!”

Beautiful Carriacou! Grenada, West Indies

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