Art Appreciation by LtD Caribbean Sailing School – Grenada and the Grenadines

Capturing the feeling that is Caribbean sailing and culture: local artist Lisa Herrera

Sailing in the azure waters of the Caribbean gives you a heightened sense of awareness for color and light. When I first saw the paintings of local Grenadian artist, Lisa Herrera, it took my breath away! She captured the brilliant colors and the vibrant life of Grenada and the Grenadines.  Of course, the fact that she includes sailboats in her portfolio is a bonus for the yachting world.

But it’s not only the nautical side of her paintings that inspires me – it’s the simplicity and emotions that her paintings evoke, as well. She captures that essence of things you will see and experience in this paradise that makes you smile. Sometimes you cannot describe the feeling of Caribbean sailing and culture but a picture – that speaks for itself.

Lisa was born in Grenada but left for Toronto, Canada at the tender age of 16. She discovered the medium of oils and with a little encouragement, continued to pursue her passion for painting.  We are happy to have her back home in Grenada and look forward to her future inspiration.

(Out of respect for copyright laws, I am prohibited from posting the actual images. Please take the time to visit Lisa’s website and Facebook page.)

Have we all not been this person before? http://lisaherrera.com/pages/recent/r05.html

I’ve seen a thousand breadfruit ripening on the vine, but never like this: http://lisaherrera.com/pages/recent/r09.html

A different perspective on calamari. Love it!: http://lisaherrera.com/pages/archive/a06.html

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