Things to do in Grenada- Esther’s Beach Bar

Walking down the silky sand beach of Grand Anse in Grenada, we tuck into the Spice Market and head to Esthers. Without ever reaching the counter, we make eye contact with Kimani, the owner and operator, behind the bar. Holding up two fingers and he nods back. Grabbing a seat at a picnic table with an umbrella (critical!) we have two tasty mojitos in pint size glasses sitting in front of us in no time! The chilled glass is smothered in fresh mint. Yum!

We can also highly recommend the Moscow mule. This drink is muddled with fresh ginger! Of course, on Margarita Monday that is the only thing to enjoy! Made from fresh lime, you won’t experience the metallic taste of the bottled margarita mix.
LTD Hint: if you order a margarita anywhere else, order a lime squash and a shot of tequila.
Next Hint: when you order rum and coke, order a bottle of Coke and a shot of rum. The Coke they often use is from a previously opened bottle that is often flat. Yes, we are professional pirates!

A refreshing mojito with fresh lime and mint!

Recently nominated as one of the top ten beach bars by USA Today.
Esther’s is located halfway down Grande Anse Beach – an approximately two mile long palm-tree lined stretch of white sand next to Radisson Hotel. Grenada has a building restriction that you can’t build above the tree line so there are no monster hotels along the way. Once you get to Esther’s, your beach journey will inevitably come to an abrupt end as it is tough to get out of there sometimes. I mean, you have to stay for the sunset, right?

The beach is ripe for Instagram pics as there is a few palm trees to help with your framing. The water is usually calm in this bay and as always, the water is usually 80 degrees. You will often see social gatherings in the water, drink in hand. Visitors to Esther’s range from bikini clad medical students, ex-pats, locals and cruise ship clan. The cruise shippers usually disappear by sunset. You’ll hear a blast from the ship calling the flock home. “Suffering humanities” is our term of endearment for this crowd.

The Spice Market is a government owned complex that rents out space to locals that want to open a bar, snack shack or souvenir shop. Right next to Esther’s is the Fish Pot with a delicious array of bits and bites. My “go to” is the Lambi (conch) fritters. I can’t order conch anywhere else because they make the best on the island! The chicken satay is pretty good, too. Be prepared to wait as it’s a super popular eatery.

Dogs are not allowed inside the fenced area but you can rent a lounge chair for 15 ECD ($5.77 USD) that includes cushions and a side table. Sometimes Esther’s will offer beach side service if it’s not too busy – or you’re a big tipper. They accept credit cards but be sure to carry some change as the public washrooms cost 1 ECD. There is a wooden box by the entrance that I always drop my change but often you will hear a voice from the shadows reminding you of the charge.

To date, Esther’s has live music on Thursdays. But it is also the site of other activities and events.
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Esther and Kimani

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