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LTD Sailing Custom Coffee Blend

I didn’t know how much I didn’t know about coffee. Then I met Jerry from Spice Isle Coffee in Grenada. We had such a fascinating conversation on the characteristics of coffee that I wanted to know more. That is when we decided to make an appointment, bring some friends and create our own coffee blend! How fun is that?

Jerry from Spice Isle Coffee explains the process
Jerry from Spice Isle Coffee explains the process

Now granted, not everyone really cares about the details of coffee like we do but we did find some kindred spirits in our friends from Sailing Banyon and Izzy R. We felt like little kids at a birthday party waiting for the candle-lit cake to emerge from the darkness! Only this time it was Jerry with little tiny coffee cups and a thing called a “clever”. Ooooh, ahhhh!

Examining the beans
Examining the beans

This is how it works:

  • Examine the beans
  • Weigh the coffee grounds and pour into the clever
  • The water goes in next – just the right amount, just the right temperature
  • Stir the coffee and look for the bubbles or foam
  • Smell the coffee
  • Wait for it…then pour the coffee
  • Taste the coffee
  • Discuss the different characteristics
Smelling the coffee....mmmmm!
Smelling the coffee….mmmmm!

You might be asking: “Coffee has characteristics? What kind of characters are you talking about?”

Rich, delicious coffee
Rich, delicious coffee

Coffee Characteristics

  • Acidity – described as intense, mild, round and everything in between
  • Body – the mouth feel or the “thickness” of the coffee described as light, medium, full or very full
  • Sweetness – allows other tastes to flourish – mild, sweet, fruity
  • Finish – the aftertaste, described as clean, sweet or refreshing
Taking notes
Taking notes

The trick on each one of these characteristics is to think of the first word that comes to mind. It’s your experience, your opinion so you can’t go wrong. This was the fun part of the event. Jerry would ask us what we thought and sometimes we all came up with the same descriptions, sometimes we came up with something different and sometimes we were stumped. “I taste honey.” “Yes, that’s what it is!” and we would all agree.

 What do the bubbles say?
What do the bubbles say?

Here are the different type of coffee we tried:

Columbia Supremo: This type of coffee us usually  used as “baseline” to begin your coffee blends. Has a smooth lemon/honey flavor with an nice finish.

Brazilian – An “acquired” earthy taste that creates a creamy foam on top called creme’ and a grassy finish.

Organic Guatemala – dark roasted, nutty flavor with a smooth finish.

Ethiopian – cherry/orange flavor with a fruity finish.

This is a coffee clever.
This is a coffee clever. Clever, huh?


  • Starbucks uses a very dark roast causing a “burnt” flavor then they scald it
  • Java is a country
  • Weigh your coffee for more precise flavor
  • Seep your coffee at 195 – 205 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately five minutes
  • A “clever” is a cone shaped device for brewing coffee (pronounced Cleave – er)

This was a really fun experience with great friends! Needless to say, we were all a little wired at the end of the tasting. We contemplated running just running back to the marina to burn off all this energy. Instead, we drove back and got all our chores done in half the time. Bonus!

This is by no means all there is to coffee. Don’t even get me started on the different elevations, growing time, nitrogen levels and such! We’ll save that for NEXT time!

Chris & Chrystal from LTD Sailing with Jerry
Chris & Chrystal from LTD Sailing with Jerry

Oh, and OUR blend? Well, I can’t tell you EXACTLY what it is but I can tell you that LTD Sailing Custom Coffee blend is well-rounded, medium body, with vanilla undertones and a caramel finish. Stop by for a cup and see for yourself!

Thanks so much to Sailing Banyan and Izzy R for helping us in choosing our blend.

Special thanks to Jerry as Spice Isle Coffee for educating us and making our custom coffee blend. Spice Isle is located in the Frequente Industrial Park just off Maurice Bishop Highway and is open to the public. They offer delicious fresh brewed coffee, iced coffee blends, various coffee implements, sandwiches, pastries and of course, coffee!

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