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Coming down to the islands for a LtD Sailing School class? Well, pack your hammock! Between sailing and schooling… Stop!  It’s hammock time!  Oh-oh oh oh oh-oh-oh I suggest this:                                            
After sailing into the enchanting Toboggo Keys on your LtD skippered yacht charter, the hook is set and you notice the Greenback  turtles 20 feet below in the crystal blue water. Someone hands you an ice cold, delicious, thirst quenching rum punch! Ah! Relax! You have arrived in paradise!  Not on a yacht in the islands? Or planning a bare boat charter and need to add to your provisioning list? Here’s the ingredients  for the classic […]
     Public transportation on the island of St. Vincent consists of Toyota mini vans roaming the streets at random  times during the day to take you to your destination. The vans are splashed with colorful names to reflect the personality of the owner. What would you name your dollar bus? Who would be your conductor? Have fun and make this van your own! Share your art on our Facebook page:        
You’ve heard about it, now, check it out for yourself! Up so, down so and away we go!   
Bus Stop! At LtD Caribbean Sailing School “Calliaqua, Prospect!” the conductor hollers as he hangs out the door of the Toyota van, barely slowing down. We have been waiting to hear the name of our village and finally our bus is here! We step to the street and signal to the driver. The bus already has 10-12 people on board but I’ve counted 20 or more on a busy evening. The conductor orchestrates our seating arrangement according to size, […]

Caribbean beach on a skippered yacht charter

“The Grenadines? Where is that? Is that near the BVI?”    That is the response I get whenever I tell people where we sail. Well, just skip down a few islands, past the crowded Virgin Islands and you will arrive in the REAL Caribbean!  St. Vincent is the beginning of the chain of islands known as the Grenadines. St. Vincent is one of the many starting points for your skippered yacht charter or Caribbean sailing school  adventure with LtD Sailing. […]

charter sailboat in calm seas

Baja Ha-Ha!   The Baja Ha-Ha is a 750- mile cruisers rally from San Diego to Cabo San Lucas Mexico. By “cruisers” I mean adventure seekers who live and travel on their boats – mostly sailboats. By “rally” I mean 123 boats with 400+ sailors nicely making their way down the coast of Mexico. We were excited to join this annual iconic sailing event! We met so many amazing people – captains, crew and locals.   […]

Barracuda on Union island, Grenadines

Ooooh! Barracuda! I have a special place in my heart for barracuda. I always see them lurking about while I am snorkeling or diving. They have that long, skinny body, slight overbite – not unlike the nerds from science class in high school. They are harmless unless provoked – again, not unlike the nerds from science class. Ok, ok, maybe not quite like that. Barracuda might saw your arm off with their razor sharp teeth. […]