A Few of my Favorite Apps!

“Blue skies and palm trees -such a delight!
Rum cocktails at sunset, under the starlight.
Islands so vibrant, with colors that sing,
These are a few of my favorite things!”

Before you embark on your sailing adventure, consider downloading some of my favorite apps.

It has a real time colorful graphic on what the wind is like in whatever area you choose. This is great for
passage planning or just for fun.

Flight Aware
Put this on your phone! It lets you know what flights are on time or not. Sometimes even before the
airline tells you! I did this recently on my flight from Grenada; At the airport, the display for departures
just said “delayed”, but when went on Flight Aware, it said the plane wouldn’t be landing for another
three hours.

WhatsUP’ (WhatsApp)-
This is a free, on-line app that you can download to your phone to use all over the world! Pretty much
everyone in Grenada uses it. It links to your regular phone number. In addition to making a call, you can
send messages, photos, video, or voice messages.

Audible Books
I download audible books and together with my noise cancelling headphones, I can tone out any kind of
distractions on a plane, on the beach or anywhere! I like headphones because people know I am not
listening to them. Yes, they are bulkier than EarPods but worth the space!

You’re airline app-
Download your airline app so you can automatically get updates on your flights. You can often get
information before anyone else does. Have you ever seen the long lines from people needing to rebook a canceled flight? If you have to change flights, jump on your app and you can skip the line and rebook a flight, all while having a beer at the bar.
This helps faster access to free on-board entertainment, too.

This app is only available on your phone. Just point it up to the sky and it shows you all the stars and
constellations. You can even search for your zodiac sign, take a screenshot and share it. Pretty cool!

Marine Traffic
Want to know who’s parked next to you? This app lets you know what boats are out there.

Mobile Passport Control
Skip the lines! For anyone who is a U.S. citizen, U.S. lawful permanent residents and citizens of the some selected
countries. It’s super simple to use: Once you land, you log into the app, take a picture of
yourself then follow the signs for “Mobile Passport”. This is very similar to Global Entry but anyone can use this!
Make sure everyone in your party also has this app or you will be waiting around for them. (I know from personal experience!) Please note that it is not currently available at all US airports. Check the app to see where you can use it.

When the boat bites, when the rain stings
When I’m feeling sad
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad

I hope you find these apps fun and useful.
If you have a favorite app, please leave it in the
comments below.
Happy Traveling!!!

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