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Marine Protected Areas for Grenada

Did you know in 2013, Grenada signed the Caribbean Challenge Initiative (CCI) placing under management a large percentage of its coastal and marine ecosystems by 2020? This does not mean that these Marine Protected Areas (MPA) are completely off limits. Protecting Grenada’s Shores Prime Minister Dr. Keith C. Mitchell signed the initiative on Necker Island, […]

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It's a New Year!

We stayed at LaLuna Resort for Old Year’s Night this year. That’s what they call it in Grenada. Not New Year’s Eve but Old Year’s Night. I asked the bartender, Urban, “Do you say ‘Happy Old Year’s Night? Cuz that just sounds weird so what do you say?” He just stared at me, as usual.

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Sailing With Grace

We met Grace at the Annapolis Boat Show last year. She was just finishing up a little sailing excursion with her friend, Emily. Ya know, two young girls, finishing up college and decide to go sailing. Sounds fun, right? A nice reward after all that hard work. Okay, I’m not talking about “Hey, let’s go

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San Juan Island 2019 Itinerary

Peaceful anchorages, majestic lighthouses, and idyllic harbors await you during our week-long sail through the San Juan Islands. You can expect to view sea creatures through crystal clear waters, hike along scenic trails, and sail with Dahl porpoises! Oh, and there might be whales! Are you in? The LTD Sailing team will skipper the boats.

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Caribbean Sailing School

We’re Going To The San Juans!

Join us for a sail through the San Juan Islands! 28 Sept. 2019 to 4 Oct. 2019 San Juan Sailing, Bellingham WA $2,500 USD per person double occupancy ($3950 single). Catamaran or Monohull Back to where we started! The San Juan Island is the old stomping grounds for more than one of the LTD Sailing

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Caribbean Sailing Lessons

Save On Boat Insurance

Did you know that your sailing courses can save you money on boat insurance? We recently had a request from one of our alumni saying that he was buying a cruising catamaran (yeah!) but needed a letter from us stating that he was a competent sailor. Well, we know he is because he recently completed

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Caribbean Sailing Lessons

The Award Winning DOGSMILE:)

Dogsmile is 2002 J105 that Jon Totten, one of our instructor, rescued from rotting away in a boatyard in Antigua a few years ago. After some major renovation, she set sail down to Grenada. The general purpose was to add this boat to our fleet to offer Discover  Sailing and ASA 101 classes in our

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Caribbean Sailing Lessons

Team Dogsmile Does A Triathlon

GH3 Triathalon with Team Dogsmile What do you do on your day off from your 24/7 job? Well, you get up at 6 AM to win a triathlon, you bet! The Grenada Hash House Harriers sponsored the first of three triathlon events leading up to Tri de Spice Triathlon in November. On Friday before, our

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