Sailing With Grace

We met Grace at the Annapolis Boat Show last year. She was just finishing up a little sailing excursion with her friend, Emily. Ya know, two young girls, finishing up college and decide to go sailing. Sounds fun, right? A nice reward after all that hard work. Okay, I’m not talking about “Hey, let’s go for a sail!” Nope, I’m talking 6000+ nautical miles sailing the Great Loop including The Bahamas! Oh, it gets better – on a 1983 Columbia 29.

How cool is that?

Now, I’ve heard of the Great Loop but I never gave it much thought. After I met Grace, I looked it up and it’s kinda a big deal! Grace & Emily decided to go sailing – and they did! Check out their story: To Be Young And Free.

Here’s the update: Grace hasn’t gone to Grad school – yet. Some people might say that she just accomplished some of the best education money can’t buy. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Grace is a women of determination. She is pursing her United States Coast Guard license and just completed her American Sailing Association instructor certifications. So, she is teaching for us! We are excited to have such an accomplished sailor on board. Welcome to the LTD family, Grace!

Interested in Sailing with Grace?

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“Anyone can do what we did, as long as they have a dream and enough desire to make it happen. The hardest part is deciding to go. After that everything falls into place.”  Grace Paytell

Check out Grace & Emily’s Blog: Grace & Emily Go Sailing

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