It's a New Year!

We stayed at LaLuna Resort for Old Year’s Night this year. That’s what they call it in Grenada. Not New Year’s Eve but Old Year’s Night. I asked the bartender, Urban, “Do you say ‘Happy Old Year’s Night? Cuz that just sounds weird so what do you say?” He just stared at me, as usual. I took a sip of my rum punch, blinked my eyelashes, and waited uncomfortably. He was thinking about it. He shrugged his shoulders. Then suddenly we just laughed and laughed! As usual.

After a lovely dinner that night,  we were beckoned to wander through the manicured gardens of LaLuna to the Wishing Tree. We meandered along the stone path just next to the ocean bathed in moonlight. We reached the bare branches of the tree- past the butterfly installations and yoga center.  We were encouraged to write our wish for 2019 on a ribbon and tie it to the tree among the other colorful ribbons.  It’s one of the coolest things I’ve ever done for New Years that I can remember.

Do you have any traditions that you do? Eat black eyed peas, stand on your right foot? Drop ice cream on the floor? We want to hear about it!

When you’re in Grenada, plant your wish on the wishing tree at LaLuna! Be sure to say “Hi!” to Urban at the bar.

(Side note: Did anyone else not make it to midnight?)

When you arrive at LaLuna you just want to say “Ahhhh LaLuna!’ The immediate feeling you get is of peace and tranquility. Someone once said to me “LaLuna drips with romance!” I would say it more than drips, it caresses you like a slow moving ocean wave.

I went to the front desk to check in and you know what they said to me? Not “Where’s your credit card, ma”am?” But “Welcome to LaLuna! What would you like to drink?” and they escorted me to the lounge. Now yer talkin!

The owners Wendy & Bernardo are the most gracious and fun-loving hosts you will ever meet. You will often find Bernardo greeting the guests or acting as a chauffeur in his new Citron. They have done an excellent job creating this paradise. They offer their stunning Helia 44 Catamaran to their guests for private charter.

On Sunday, they offer a lime with my friend, Urban, playing Jazz. They also offer have a spa, exercise room overlooking the sea and a yoga retreat center right on the beach.

Private villa
Private veranda and plunge pool

Ahhhhh! LaLuna!

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