Where in the world is St. Vincent and the Grenadines?

“The Grenadines? Where is that? Is that near the BVI?”  

 Caribbean beach on a skippered yacht charterThat is the response I get whenever I tell people where we sail. Well, just skip down a few islands, past the crowded Virgin Islands and you will arrive in the REAL Caribbean!  St. Vincent is the beginning of the chain of islands known as the Grenadines. St. Vincent is one of the many starting points for your skippered yacht charter or Caribbean sailing school  adventure with LtD Sailing.  

The islands continue for 60 miles ending in Grenada which allows you to sail line of sight  with the option of enjoying a different island every day.  But why hurry through paradise? There are 32 islands in the Grenadines of which only nine are inhabited. The Virgin Islands are crowded with  more charter boats,  more cruise ships, and more development than the pristine islands of the Grenadines 

Imagine anchoring in a quiet, palm tree lined bay and hanging your hammock on a secluded beach! The only thing to worry about is where to place your ice cold drink! 

  Where exactly?

  • Map of the Caribbean 1506 miles southeast of Miami, Florida
  •  GPS 13.1992°  N, 61.2109° W
  •  Located in the Eastern Caribbean Sea
  •  Also known as the Windward Islands
  • Aka the West Indies

  Fun Facts about Grenadines

  • The original name of St. Vincent was Hairoun meaning “The Land of the Blessed”. This is also the name of the local beer. Which makes it what? Ya, the beer of the blessed! (Seriously! It says that on the label!)
  • Movie set for Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Tropical maritime climate – The average daily temperature is 86 degrees (30 c) EVERYDAY
  • Average water temperature is 78 F
  • Home of the warm, steady trade winds

  Steady, warm breeze + warm water + secluded beaches = Living the dream! 

 Salt Whistle Bay, Mayreau Island, Grenadines




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