Sailing in Grenada? Start planning your sailing vacation NOW!

Now that you have discovered sailing in Grenada,

how do you get here?

You have decided to fly into Grenada so you can cast off the bowlines and set sail in Grenada and the Grenadines with LTD Sailing! Next step, buying your tickets! 

The location code for Grenada is “GND”. This is helpful when you are looking for flights. Just input “GND” in the destination section. Not all search engines represent all airlines – such as Jet Blue. So check around for the best route, flying time and prices. Airlines fly into Grenada on certain days of the week so optimize your search by selecting the “flexible dates” option. Check “previous” and “next day” schedules, as well. Be aware that some of the search engines will give you an error code when looking for flights to Grenada. Try again using a major connecting hub. That is actually part of the charm in coming here – some people can’t find it!

Bird’s eye view of sailing in Grenada.

Grenada’s international airport can be found listed under two different names: Point Salines International Airport or Maurice Bishop International Airport. The name was changed in 2009 in honor of a slain former Prime Minister in 1983 – which prompted the U.S. invasion. It’s controversial so you will see it listed both ways. (Don’t think like I first did that Grenada has two international airports!)

Be careful of overnight flights. It can be tricky to coordinate flights on the same day but it definitely can be done.  Unless, of course, you would like to spend a day or two in Miami or Barbados.  St. Lucia has two airports on opposite ends of the island – a $100 US taxi ride! The international flights fly in/out of one airport and the Caribbean flights fly out/in of the local airport. I am sure you will want to spend as much time as you can sailing in Grenada and not stuck in an airport!

When booking on LIAT  http://www.liat.com/ try to get the most direct flight or you will end up touching down on every island in the windward islands. It can be a great way to get a birds eye view of the islands but can add hours on to your trip. It is not uncommon to have to change planes on the island hopping “tour”. Changing planes means your luggage has to change planes too and your connecting flight also has to be on time. It’s not a bad idea to carry a change of clothes and a swimsuit in your carry on!

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There are few “proper” addresses in the Caribbean. The locals will tell you “Who needs an address? We know where everything is!” But Customs and Immigration want to know where you are going. It is acceptable to use the name of the village or place of business such as “St. Georges” or  “Port Louis Marina” for the address. (Be nice to the people that allow you into their country – when they say “No problem” it usually means it’s not THEIRS!)

Baggage allowance varies from airline to airline. That 50 lb. max that they allow on major airlines doesn’t always hold true for the smaller airlines. You might end up paying a substantial “over allowable” weight fee. Weight is way more critical on smaller planes. As a matter of fact, the pilot might step out of the cockpit to re-arrange the passengers for better weight distribution. All part of the charm!

BEST ADVICE? Be patient! Not only do you have to adjust to time zones but you also have to “acclimatize” to the Caribbean lifestyle!

As they say in the islands:

“Relax yourself!”

Enjoy your time sailing in Grenada and the Grenadines – some of the best sailing in the world!

Take time to relax while sailing in Grenada.
Learning how to relax while sailing in Grenada!

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