First stop: Underwater Sculpture Park with LtD Sailing in Grenada and the Grenadines

First stop: Underwater Sculpture Park with LTD Sailing in Grenada and the Grenadines

One of the first stops we do on our week-long Cruise and Learn trips with LTD Sailing in Grenada and the Grenadine is the Underwater Sculpture Park.  Don your mask, pop in your snorkel and splash into the shallow waters of the Caribbean sea just off Moliniere Point to visit the eerie statues of the World’s first Underwater Sculpture Park.

As you swim toward the Marine Park, you start to wonder “Ok, where are these so-called sculptures?” Then you kinda see something or you think you see something. What is it? “Viccituedes,” the circle of children, comes into focus and it takes your breath away! Swim down and look them in the eye – powerful! Are they watching you as you swim away?


You crave more! Where is the next one? You find “The Lost Correspondent” sitting alone in his sandy-bottom office with his typewriter and clips of newspaper scattered on his desk. Curious – the clippings are articles of Grenada’s involvement with Cuba.

lost correspondent

“Man on a Bike” appears and it’s as if he is going for a Sunday stroll under the ocean with a school of Butterfly fish fluttering after him.

guy on a bike
This  next one is one of my favorites: “Christ of the Deep.” It is a replica of the sculpture you see on the Careenage in St. Georges.  The original was purchased as thanks to the people of Grenada for helping the survivors after the sinking of the Bianca B cruise ship in October 1961. The underwater statue was dedicated during the 50th Anniversary of that tragedy. Don’t you just want to open your own arms and say “Welcome!”
Christ of the Deep
What next? Sixteen shadows of the female form; ‘Grace Reef’. You recognize the features on the faces of local Grenadian women – laying on the ocean floor as if in silent meditation.
Next, you see “The Un-Still Life” – a simple vase and a bowl of fruit. Yet, it’s not so simple and not so still. It is brimming with life! Alive with coral and fish!
Unstill life
These are only a few of the sculptures you’ll see when you get here. Plan your learning vacation today!
The prayer

For more information on booking a Cruise and Learn trip: https://www.ltdsailing.com/caribbean-sailing-school/caribbean-sailing-courses/

Learn about the other sculptures: http://www.underwatersculpture.com/

Map of sculpture park: http://grenadaunderwatersculpture.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/12/map.gif

Photos courtesy of Sam & Delesa Rockwell and Stewart Ramsay.

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