Don't stop now! Plan your Caribbean sailing vacation for this Fall.


On a Caribbean sailing vacation!

Not ready to give up Summer? Continue the fun in the sun on a Caribbean sailing vacation this Fall.  Don’t put away those flip flops just yet!

View of Tobago Cays from out Catamaran on a Caribbean Sailing Vacation
Fall into the Caribbean!

Forget the coming chill and book a ticket to the Caribbean!

Here’s why:

Great prices:

Aft view of our Catamaran on our Caribbean Sailing Vacation
Fall = great prices on great boats!

The off-season runs through December 13th. This is the cheapest time of year to book a Caribbean Sailing Vacation – bareboat charter or ASA Sailing Course! December 14th starts the highest rates of the year. So, November and December are quite a bargain! Airlines are having their fall sale on trips South after the busy summer season. Take advantage of the off-season rates and go on vacation while everyone else is working or in school. Vacation request –  APPROVED!

Great weather:

View from the deck of our Catamaran on our Caribbean Sailing Vacation
Relaxing in Clifton Harbor, Union Island

The temperature in the Caribbean doesn’t fluctuate more than a few degrees – even at night!  The comfortable shorts you wore to the beach in the morning, work just as well for an evening stroll. The trade winds quiet down in the summer months but start to pick up again in the Fall before blowing even stronger with the Christmas winds in late December. This means consistent wind to fill the sails and take you off into the sunset. The water temperature is about the same as the air  – WARM! No need to “get used to it.” Snorkel in your bathing suit for hours without getting chilled. But be sure to put on sunscreen to prevent sunburn on your back as you swim with the turtles in Tobago Cays!

Great Time: 

Snorkelers at Tobago Cays Marine Park on our Caribbean Sailing Vacation
Snorkeling in the Tobago Cays

Fall back? No way! The sun goes down about the same time – YEAR ROUND!  Fall in the Caribbean is a quiet time. Most people have returned to work or school leaving the Caribbean islands less crowded and more peaceful. There are fewer boats to anchor next to in the now secluded harbors. You will not hear commercials screaming about the great early morning deals or Christmas carols blaring from every speaker. You will see modest decorations around the islands – seashell ornaments hanging from palm trees – but nothing obnoxious.  You might hear a few new holiday songs, though. The regional music on the islands is Soca and you have not heard anything until you have heard Christmas Soca tunes! Holiday celebrations on the islands consist of spending time with friends and family. Oh, AND September 1st is the start of Lobster Season!

Don’t give up on summer!

Swimming in Bequia on our Caribbean Sailing Vacatiom
Swimming in the Grenadines

Come to the islands for your Caribbean Sailing Vacation this Fall!

Book your Caribbean Sailing Vacation NOW!

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