LtD Sailing @ Seattle Women's Boating Seminar 2013 – REPRESENT!

You never know where you might find someone from a Caribbean Sailing School

Representing St. Vincent and the Grenadines!

 Seattle Women's Sailing SeminarImagine, if you will, an auditorium full of sailors – over 100. Do you have that picture? Do you see Popeye or the jaunty captain in a smart looking cap with a navy blazer and brass buttons? Naaah! They are ALL women! The Seattle Women’s Boating seminar held on Febuary 23rd  was well-attended by women boaters from all over the area gathering at North Seattle Community college to talk about messin’ about in  boats. There was only one woman there who actually admitted she was a power boater but, to her credit, she did say she was really a sailor at heart. Well, aren’t we all? Judy Nasmith from Swiftsure Yachts puts this together every year. (A big shout out to  Judy & her crew!) During the seminar, you have your choice of ten different sessions from Advanced Anchoring to Heavy weather sailing. All of these classes are taught by women accomplished in their field. It was very humbling to be among these women.

Beginning the seminar was Penelope Partridge updating us on the Felicity Ann Boat project. Penelope is an articulate, educated and passionate woman. After living in poverty most of her early years, she ended up in foster care at age 14. This started her journey on empowering young women. She gave classes to young girls on fixing bikes – seven years later, the bike shop is going strong and they just added a second story. Turning her focus to sailing and boat building she did everything she could to get involved – classes at Evergreen State college, volunteer work, what ever. Her volunteer work turned into a full time job learning more about boat building. She designed and built a cover to house Felicity Ann where young girls learn about boat building and sailing. Did I tell you she is at the ripe old age of 25?

The first break-out session I attended was “Give it Your Best Shot” by Elsie Hulsizer. She has some great advice on learning to operate your camera, what light is right, and framing your pictures. Hopefully, you will see the results of this great knowledge the next time I post one of my pictures to Facebook!

Next, I attended “Turning Your Dreams into Reality” by Wendy Hinman. I spent most of my time nodding my head in agreement with Wendy on living your dream. Mostly, you have to start. Keeping your eye on the prize and foregoing creature comforts to realize your dream. Try not to look at the whole picture or it can be overwhelming. She mentioned something about eating an elephant…

After a yummy lunch and chatting with new friends, I went to listen to Carol Hasse on “Heavy Weather Sailing Preparation.”  The best advice for heavy weather sailing – avoid it! But sometimes you can’t so know the possible dangers and prepare for it. This means preparing your boat as well as your crew. And PRACTICE!!! She also had some great ideas for storm tactics if you do get caught. I have to say, Carol was one of my favorites.

Good thing I attended “Provisioning Made Easy” by Barbara Marrett because she had some delicious looking food on her slides. She also talked about taking care of your crew. Barbara is absolutely right when she says food can make the difference between a good trip and a GREAT trip!

In the lobby, Judy refreshed the snack table with chocolate along with the usual cookies, cake slices and fruit. What? The seminars you attend don’t have all that? That’s too bad. It makes a good seminar GREAT! These ladies practice what they preach!

My last class was with another one of my favorite sailors, Nancy Erley on Advance Anchoring. I’ve attended this class before but I always learn something more – plus she has great props and great stories. I’m a big fan of anchoring because we don’t have many docks in the Grenadines and the mooring balls are sketchy. Learn to anchor – it’s free! Like the wind!

Lots for prizes were given away at the closing of the seminar – from mugs and hats to a captain’s license class worth $900 dollars! Everyone walked away happy and excited to get back on the water. I’ll be out there as well with my new-found knowledge fixing meals for my crew and toasting our successful anchoring with an ice cold beverage waiting for the green flash on the horizon! Cheers!

For more info:

Judy Nasmith – www.latitudesailingassoc.org

Penelope Partridge – www.Felicityann.com

Wendy Hinman – wendyhinman.com

Elsie Hulsizer – ejhulsizer@earthlinknet

Carol Hasse – www.porttownsendsails.com

Nancy Erley – www.tethysoffshore.com



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