This guy says: "I can teach you how to sail." Then you, too, can bareboat charter in the Caribbean!

ASA Cruise and learn
ASA Cruise and Learn in the Caribbean

 So, ladies, you want to learn how to sail? Imagine sailing along on a beautiful bareboat charter yacht on the azure sea in the warm Caribbean – just the two of you. You’re behind the wheel, wind blowing back your hair, the sun shining on your shoulders. Very romantic! But, how do you plan to learn how to sail? You’ve been thinking about it for a while now. You want to be captain of your own ship, master of reading the wind, and be independent out on the blue water. Or something like that. Hmm….WAIT this one guy you know has offered to teach you how to sail on his boat. Great! Right?

Who is this guy saying:  “Oh, I can teach you how to sail.”

A. Your dad?

B. Your boyfriend/husband?

C. A sailor?

D. An ASA certified instructor?


A. Your dad has high expectations of you, is impatient and has a short temper. (Remember when he tried to teach you how to drive?)

B. Your boyfriend/husband will show off , heel way over and scare you so much that you will never sail again. (“Isn’t this exciting!” he says as you dig your nails into the wood and brace your feet.)

C. A sailor, well,  a sailor just wants to sail and you might not learn anything

D. An ASA certified sailing instructor

If you answered D, you are CORRECT! An ASA (American Sailing Association) certified instructor is a trained professional who understands your need to feel safe and confident on the water. ASA instructors are able to accommodate different learning styles and have the patience to allow all the time you need to be comfortable in your sailing skills. LtD Sailing can take you from zero to bareboat charter in just one week!

Our one week Learn & Cruise classes begin with ASA 101 Basic keelboat, teaching you the basics of sailing. In ASA 103, Basic Coastal Cruising, you learn more about the boat as well as conditions on the water. In ASA 104 Bareboat Charter, you learn to skipper and crew on a boat 30 to 50 feet in length. Take one and just enjoy the trip or take all three – it’s up to you! Bring a friend or come alone. Our accommodations on the boat will allow you to have your own berth while meeting new friends who are also learning to sail.

Our trips include provisioning so you can show off your culinary skills or go ashore for a lobster BBQ. LtD Sailing staff will meet you at the airport and take you to the charter base so you don’t have to worry about where to go as you step off the plane onto a tropical island. We provide snorkel gear, linens and beach towels allowing more room in your bag for your camera gear or that extra sun dress you’ve been waiting to wear. Don’t forget to pack your diving log book to record the amazing dive spots we have here in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. So, are you ready to take the wheel? The only problem you will have is knowing more about sailing than A. B. and C. above!

HINT: Gentlemen, if you value your relationship, get your lady some professional sailing lessons. You’ll be happier and she’ll be happier. Don’t be that guy!

Sailing in the Caribbean
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