ASA 105/106 Advanced Coastal Cruising – The Next Step

ASA 105/106 Advanced Coastal Cruising

So, you’re thinking about taking some advanced ASA courses, eh? You’ve taken 101, 103, 104 and maybe you’ve chartered a boat  a time or two. You know that you have come across some situations that made you uncomfortable so you take down the sails and motor. Wrong! Build your confidence with LTD Sailing’s ASA 105/106 Advanced Coastal Cruising course.



There is no better place to go for advanced course conditions like the Grenadines (St. Vincent or Grenada). Take a look at Wind Guru. We have consistent winds and weather. In ADDITION we have a warm climate and warm water in a tropical location! In most areas you would have to find these conditions in the cold, miserable months of fall or winter. Why would you do that? The Grenadines are only 12 degrees north of the equator! That is really close. Which means it’s about 80 degrees F (20 degrees C.) all the time! We are right in the path of the easterly Trade winds. Which means we have wind ALL THE TIME! All this equals an excellent location for sailing and having fun –  whenever! Challenge yourself and advance your skills as a sailor by taking the ASA 105/106 Advanced Coastal Cruising courses!


Here is a summary of what to expect from the ASA 105/106 Advanced Coastal Cruising Course:

ASA 105 Coastal Navigation Standard

Prerequisites: None

That’s right! There are NO prerequisites for this course! But we combine this class with Advanced Coastal Cruising to put the theory into practice. What better way to learn! This course REQUIRES an extensive amount off self-study as it is primarily theory on the safe navigation of a boat on coastal or inland waters.


ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruising

Prerequisites: ASA 101, 103, 104 and 105

Putting theory into practice! This is the real deal! This course covers the ability to skipper a boat night or day, on a sailboat 30 – 50 feet,  in all conditions. During this week-long live-aboard course you will be under the supervision of a ASA certified instructor – perfect time to take advantage of the conditions and test your skills!

These are the skills you will learn (night & day):

  • Standing watch
  • Radar and chart plotters
  • Weather analysis
  • Emergency situations
  • Advanced anchoring
  • Heavy-weather sailing

Come ready to test your skills and become a more confident, skilled sailor. All while sailing the beautiful islands of the Grenadines! This course prepares you for the next step: offshore sailing

LTD Sailing Instructor Jon Totten

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