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Spray Bottle update: During a trip to the Annapolis Boat show, my eyes, my skin, my hair was dry, dry, dry! I walked into CVS and went straight back to the pharmacy. For those of you who are not aware, pharmacist are a wealth of knowledge and I seek them out whenever I am damaged. They don’t try and diagnose your problem but will tell you what drugs are for what ailments. When I asked about using a water bottle to hydrate my face, she informed me that water can actually have a drying effect. You need some sort of moisturizer. I asked about some type of spitzer because I didn’t want the greasy feel of moisturizer on my face. I just wanted a refreshing blast of water. I used to use a product called “Focus 1 Sea Plasma” which I can’t find, and I believe is currently out of business. The pharmacist recommended a few fancy expensive sprays then she suggested rose water. You can find rose water in the international section of your grocery store next to Tikka Masala curry sauce and baba ghanoush – my favorite section!  Also, much more affordable than the $25 USD bottle of fancy spray. (Ya, I bought that, too!)

Skin Active Soothing Facial Mist, al wadi Rose Water, Isle Bee Well lip balm, MyChelle Ultra Hyaluronic Beauty Mist

Now you have your eye drops and facial spray. You’ll need something for your lips, too. Be aware of packaging for environmental awareness. There are some great products out there that now come wrapped in paper-type tube. Even in Grenada, there is a new company called “Isle Bee Well” which, in addition to honey, they also produce a lip balm in a cardboard. Sam, the owner, is currently working on a reef friendly sun screen.

Take care of yourself with lip balm and eye protection

What are some of your favorite traveling hacks? Do tell!

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