Ooooh! Barracuda! A Caribbean Local

Ooooh! Barracuda!

Barracuda on Union island, Grenadines

I have a special place in my heart for barracuda. I always see them lurking about while I am snorkeling or diving. They have that long, skinny body, slight overbite – not unlike the nerds from science class in high school. They are harmless unless provoked – again, not unlike the nerds from science class. Ok, ok, maybe not quite like that. Barracuda might saw your arm off with their razor sharp teeth. While the nerds might point their laser sword at you and make raspy Darth Vader noises behind their hoodies. In either case, it’s all about respect. I understand that I am invading your territory. I don’t live and breathe in the ocean but I can eat you. Not that I would. I couldn’t do that. I thought about it, though. Just because it makes me feel powerful. Ha!

Barracuda are attracted to shiny things because they hunt by sight, not smell.  They eat those shiny little fish, right? So, of course, they will be attracted to shiny watches and jewelry. They can’t help it – that’s what they do. “Oh, shiny things!”

Can you eat barracuda? Survey says ‘maybe’. Maybe?  To find out,  give some of the scraps to the cat. If he eats it, it’s ok. If not – stay away! Hey, that would be a good experiment of science class!

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