What’s going on? In Grenada & the Grenadines

In our front yard in Grenada!

We’ve been playing around with the drone out in our yard (since we can’t leave it.) Our front yard also happens to be St. George’s anchorage. We used to see boats come and go and never really thought anything about it. Now, that we have the time, we thought we would go check out the neighborhood!

There are so many stories out there! All kinds of boats with all kinds of people, it’s awesome!

On our first video, we went around and looked at all the boats. In this video, we went back to investigare a possible stolen boat. Chris gives you his commentary with his knowledge as The Catamaran Authority. (Think Cartman, from Southpark: “U will respect my authoritah!”)

While we were editing the first video, we got a notice for a stolen boat. We both looked at each other because there was a boat out in the anchorage that looked like the one in the picture. Got the binoculars out but really couldn’t tell so what did we do? You bet! We flew the drone out there.

We also noticed that there was a boat out there that one of our broker clients is interested in. We had gone out on the boat and took a bunch of pictures but we thought we would check it out from above.

Check it out!!

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