Grenada Bans Styrofoam

On 1 September 2018 the small island of Grenada in the Southern Caribbean banned polystyrene also know as ‘Styrofoam.’ This seems like a simple step “Well, of course you would ban that nasty stuff!” After all it takes FOREVER to biodegrade. But Grenada loves it’s take-away food. Those amazing ribs on Wall Street, jerk chicken at JamDown, oh and lets not forget G-Burger! Mmm…Mmm..MMMM!

It’s not easy to change habits, right? And telling a Grenadian you HAVE to do something does not usually go over too well. But, you know what? It’s working! Out with the Styrofoam and in with the biodegradable products! Yeah! Paper containers have come a long way and we see it showing up everywhere – IGA, Foodland, CKs. Even the Hashers offer you oildown in a calabash. Coyaba, a high end hotel on Grand Anse Beach, serves food on a banana leaf. Ya, let’s get creative!

However, Grenada still has a long way to go. There are very few places to recycle. Port Louis Marina started a recycling program for their guests, the Grenada Brewery reuses all their bottles, Poli Water offer 5 gallon jugs of water that you can return after use. We’re trying!

Other easy was to reduce, reuse, & recycle in Grenada:

  • Instead of single-use plastic bottles, use refillable bottles
  • Take your empty egg cartons back to the egg lady or the Marketing Board
  • Don’t use the plastic bags for vegetables at the store
  • Bring your own bags to the grocery store (If you can remember!)
  • Choose glass, tin or aluminum over plastic
  • Ask around to see who reuses glass bottles or those one gallon jugs
  • Buy beer & soda from the Grenada Brewery
  • Invest in a Soda Stream for fizzy water
  • Bring your regular plates on picnics
  • Refill printer ink cartridges
  • Think twice about what you buy

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