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Over the past four years that I’ve had Chris Rundlett as my sailing instructor, he’s taken me from a deer in the headlights sailing newbie up in the San Juan Islands to an ASA 106 Advanced Coastal Cruiser.

Chris’ ability to work with people of all abilities and his easy going nature make sailing with him both educational and fun. You will achieve your goals working with Chris. It also helps a lot that he knows how to get hot chocolate-filled croissants delivered to your boat in the morning while anchored in the Grenadines, how to hike up to Robert Righteous’ Restaurant and who makes the best lobster BBQ in the islands!
Good luck to my friend Chris and LTD Sailing and hope to see you in Salt Whistle Bay again someday.

Lora Lee Elgin


There are endless opportunities for play in the sun, sand and sea – but I guarantee any sojourn with LTD Sailing will surpass them all! I had the good fortune to spend two weeks with Chris in July of 2012, as we sailed offshore, island hopping our way through the Grenadines, where we snorkeled in the Tobago Cays, went skin diving near Bequia, took a truck tour of Union Island and absorbed the culture of “Carnival” on St. Vincent.
Chris has many years of sailing experience, but more importantly, he has that special combination (so rare these days), of extreme competence, humility, an “unruffled” temperament and a sense of adventure that made our sailing experience unforgettable.
As for Food and drink – (let’s face it… a very important part of the journey!), it was top notch (Chris being a bit of a gourmet chef!). Chris made sure there were always cold beverages on board! Whether you want to learn to sail, increase your skills, or just want someone to show you around a very unique and largely unspoiled part of the world, I can highly recommend Captain Chris with LTD Sailing, as a company that will not let you down!
You will, guaranteed… be ‘Living the Dream’!

Sheri Shaw


Chris was the ASA instructor for my first certifications in ASA 101, 103 and 104.  Not only is he instructive but he made learning fun!  Chris concentrates on the details and insures that the student has every opportunity to learn and practice each essential skill.  When the work was done, we had as much fun sailing as we did learning. We’ve remained close friends since and LTD Sailing is my school of choice!

Tim Bradshaw


My husband and I took a week-long class with Chris as our instructor. Upon arrival at the docks, we had a bit of that “uh-oh, what did we get ourselves into” feeling, as learning sailing lingo can feel like taking on a foreign language. But Chris’s approach is so laid back, we were quick to relax and start taking it all in.
The technical side is one thing, but sailing with Chris also provided great exposure to the reasons people get passionate about sailing. Chris showed us where to see marine life, led us to secret discoveries on each island, and shared his highly technical theory called, “Sails down, bottoms up.” (Be sure to ask about this one.)
Although his worldly sailing experience has taken him around the globe, he’s someone you’ll totally want to hang out with for a week too. If you’re thinking about it, DO IT.

Janice Pollard


My wife Amy and I, along with our 14 year old daughter, spent a week under Chris’ tutelage in the Grenadines in May 2012.  We all took the Cruising Catamaran course encompassing ASA 101, 103, 104, and 114, which I will admit is a lot to get through in 7 days. We got through it, but I would recommend the 10 day option to make it easier.
Prior to that week, we had virtually no big boat experience aside from a previous crewed charter, and our sailing experience was limited to mostly self-taught operation of our Catalina 22 that we kept moored in a local lake and I generally single-handed.  Chris was able to tailor his instruction to meet three different experience levels and three different learning styles while also fitting in plenty of fun (it was a VACATION after all), and by the end of the week we had all met our goals.  More importantly, Amy and I felt competent enough as a team to venture out on our own.
The real test came several months later when we booked our first charter on the Chesapeake Bay.  We took another non-sailing couple out with us for 3 days.  The knowledge and skills we had learned months prior were almost immediately automatic, and by day two our “crew” had gotten the bug and learned enough from us that they were the ones doing all the sailing!  The fact that we were able to pass on what we had learned is a testament to the effectiveness of Chris’ teaching style.  In addition, the charter company accepted our application with zero hesitation, primarily based on WHERE we had taken our courses and the prevailing conditions in the area.  The Grenadines are a beautiful part of the world, but they are also a great place to learn to sail.
We look forward to returning to the Grenadines for ASA 106 with Chris, and would recommend LTD Sailing to anyone that really wants to start living their dreams!

Matt Linz


The perfect combination of vacation and education. I learned more this week than a semester in college.

Steve Bauer


I can’t thank you enough for one of my best vacations ever. Your patience is amazing and you made this learning (vacation) a great adventure! 

Nancy Oberti


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