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We’re Still Here!


Thanks so much to everyone who sent us their concerns about our team at LTD Sailing. We are still here! ( Shhhh…the hurricane season isn’t over yet so we don’t want to whistle up the wind.)  Here is an update:


In Grenada, Irma took all the wind out of our sails – literally! Because so much energy was sucked up by the hurricane, it left us with very little wind which is very unusual for the Windward islands. We did experience a storm surge. By storm “surge” I mean the water SLOWLY came up and went back down again within a 24-hour period. The boats on the dock floated up within a foot of the top deck.  It was a very eerie feeling knowing there was a Category 5 hurricane destroying our Northern island neighbors as we are experiencing dead calm. We could only sit, wait and stare at the computer screen holding our breath.  Nothing can escape a Cat 5 hurricane and we are heartbroken to see the devastation. Unimaginable!


It’s important to remember that not all the islands were hit and most of these islands depend on tourism.

  • Thomas – It’s 20 square miles in the American Virgin Islands took a direct hit. Reports from several of our friends living there have been forced to abandon everything they owned to be evacuated. Some will not return. St. Croix was brushed by Irma and is recovering quickly.
  • British Virgin Islands – When you think of the BVI, you can’t help but think of Willy T’s, Soggy Dollar Bar & Foxy’s. All these iconic watering holes are in various states of destruction. Anagoda, however, it’s reported to be in full service. This is one of my favorite islands in the BVI.
  • Barbuda: 95% of the structures on this rather flat island were damaged and its entire population of 1,800 people was evacuated. Antigua, it’s sister island, is relatively unscathed and welcoming visitors.
  • Martin/St. Maarteen: The French/Dutch island was devastated. This island is a jumping off point for many of our deliveries. France is promising to re-build better than ever and I truly believe that statement.

Never give up, never!


The islands of the Caribbean occupy 1.06 million sq miles and encompass 700 islands, islets, reefs & cays. It consists of 13 sovereign states and 17 dependent territories. (This means that the recovery is spread over several different nations and not one single government has to bear the burden of this disaster.) The languages on these islands vary from English, Spanish, French, Dutch and Antillean Creole with multiple variations. In other words, it’s HUGE and that is what I love about being a part of the Caribbean. Each island, each person, each ramshackle beach bar is so different and welcoming!

We need to return some of the love:


Most of those islands are still open for business and still have the beautiful white sand beaches, soft sea breeze and chilled tropical drinks you are looking for in a vacation. Very few took direct hits from Irma and they will need our help for quite some time. The best we can do is keep visiting the islands and enjoy all the treasures they have to offer. A shout out to Richard Branson who loaded up his 32 meters mega yacht, Necker Belle,  moored at Port Louis in Grenada and sailed to the BVI within days of the disaster. 100 percent of ALL donations (not profits) go to the victims:


Borrowed from a post by our friend, Kirsty Morrison who has spent MANY years sailing these Caribbean waters:


I have heard people here are collecting and arranging massive shipments. Do not take clothes or shoes… or water in tiny plastic bottles!!

They need:
– Good food (not junk food)
– Water in large containers
– solar generators
– Building materials
– Big containers of water or water purifying equipment
– Communications stuff: sat phones, radios
– Solar phone chargers
– Fuel
– Duck tape and tarps!
– Any new tech to get up and running quickly

Any help in restoring communications would be amazing.

We will overcome this devastation. Remember the lyrics from Bob Marley’s song “:

One love
One heart
Let’s get together and feel alright

ONE LOVE #CaribbeanStrong

From the LTD Sailing Team– “Living the Dream!”

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