Rum Punch! On a LtD Skippered Yacht Charter

Rum Punch
Ice cold, delicious, thirst quenching rum punch!

After sailing into the enchanting Toboggo Keys on your LtD skippered yacht charter, the hook is set and you notice the Greenback  turtles 20 feet below in the crystal blue water. Someone hands you an ice cold, delicious, thirst quenching rum punch!

Ah! Relax! You have arrived in paradise! 

Not on a yacht in the islands? Or planning a bare boat charter and need to add to your provisioning list? Here’s the ingredients  for the classic Windward Islands Rum Punch Recipe:

  • 1 part Sour
  • 2 parts Sweet
  • 3 parts Strong
  • 4 parts Weak

Ha ha! Okay, here’s the translation:

  • 1 part sour (Lime Juice)

  • 2 part sweet (Cane sugar syrup)

  • 3 part strong (Strong Rum – Sunset from St. Vincent and the Grenadines is 84.5% Alc.)

  • 4 part weak (Fruit Juice – Usually a mixture of orange and sweet grapefruit)

  • 5 dashes of Bitters

Serve over ice and garnish with freshly grated nutmeg.

Each island has it’s own, distinct version of rum punch and each one claims to have THE best. Is Jauntie’s ( from Happy Island) better than yours? Come to St. Vincent and the Grenadines and judge for yourself!

CAUTION: The power of the alcohol is hidden in the yummy deliciousness of the Windward Island rum punch! It’s not called “punch” for nuthin ya know! Careful!

Rum punch on Happy Island
Cheers! Here’s to Living the Dream!

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