How to become a sailor with LTD Sailing – "Living the Dream!"

Becoming a sailor with LTD Sailing – “Living the Dream!”

Always dream of casting off the bowlines and sailing off into the sunset? But you have never actually been on a sailboat before? No problem! We can help you with that!


Step 1 – Decide to become a sailor. It’s something that you’ve have dreamed about for a long time. Maybe you sailed a Hobie Cat at summer camp or went on a day sail with friends. Now is the time – who’s going to stop you? Here’s a link from American Sailing Association to get you started: http://www.asa.com/lts-yourfirstsail.html

Raising the Main - LTD Sailing

 Step 2 – Take sailing lessons. Start off on the right foot and take lessons from a certified American Sailing School (ASA) and a professional ASA certified instructor. Sure you can take lesson from a friend or family member but remember when they tried to teach you how to drive? Ya, didn’t turn out too well, did it? Our week long Basic Learn and Cruise courses cover the beginning basics to bareboat charter. Click here for more information on basic courses: https://www.ltdsailing.com/caribbean-sailing-school/caribbean-sailing-courses/live-aboard-sailing-school/

ready to tack?
Removing the line from the winch

Step 3 – Get time on the water. Join a sailing club, a yacht club or just walk the docks with a six pack of your favorite premium beverage! Someone will invite you to share the sail! Sailing clubs often offer flotillas where members can get together and go sailing. You don’t have to own a boat to join a yacht club either. There are lots of opportunities to participate in sailing once you join the club. Check out websites for sailing races going on in the area. Then, go down and talk to the skippers on the dock or in the club house. You don’t have to have any experience to be “rail meat” in a racing regatta! Remember: you objective is to get time on the water!

Jeaneau 44i
Jeaneau 44i

Step 4 – Once you are confident that you can handle a boat on your own, charter a boat. There are charter companies all over the world including your own back yard. ASA 104 is a Bareboat Charter Certification recognized world-wide and the first thing a charter company will ask you about when you contact them – “Do you have any certifications?” You will also be asked to fill out a sailing resume so hopefully you have logged your trips in your ASA Log Book. You might also be asked to go on a check-out sail which allows you the opportunity to show off your skills! Not quite comfortable taking the wheel on your own? You can hire an ASA certified instructor to accompany you for a day or your entire vacation! Contact LTD Sailing to book a charter boat or hire an ASA certified instructor:  https://www.ltdsailing.com/contact/instructing

 Step 5 – Buy a boat! There are many options for boat ownership:

  • You can start out with a small, affordable sailboat and work your way up
  • Buy a boat and put it in charter and have other people make your payments
  • Fractional boat ownership were you own a percentage of a boat
  • Sole ownership


For information on buying a boat contact Chris Rundlett at [email protected]

The most important thing is to start living your dream!

“If you don’t do it this year, you’ll be one more year older when you do!” Warren Millercat at salt whistle2

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