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Esther & Omega’s Cooking Class

“Omega means last,” Esther announces with a playful grin as she stands in front of the class passing out tasty samples from the grill. Omega would have to wait. A sad voice from the back of the room replies “Esther is being mean to me.” and the entire audience turns to see Omega staring at the floor. Immediately, they begin to console her. Esther rolls her eyes, as usual.

Esther & Omega in Grenada
Esther (right) listens patiently to Omega (left)

 True Blue Resort and Marina offers a weekly cooking class with Chef’s Esther and Omega every Thursday. They rarely miss a date – even during the holidays. That just gives them the opportunity to add some history to the flavor of their local cuisine or offer a special treat – a sample of teas or a bite of pumpkin cheesecake – YUM!

Grenada history
History lesson from Omega

Despite their antics, Esther and Omega are passionate about sharing their knowledge about food and Grenada. In fact, they have a loyal following as year after year when the cruisers return to the islands for hurricane season, they pack the house.

National Dish of Grenada
Oil Down – Grenada’s National Dish

 The cost is $12 E.C. and you will not go away hungry! You receive a copy of the recipe, as well. But watch out! If you don’t pay attention, you will miss the secret ingredient that just so happened to be left off the list! Enjoy the best rum punch on the island for only $5 E.C. during the class. And don’t forget to contribute to the tip jar!

Grenada cooking class
Omega gets “tricked” when students show up as “Omega”

Cooking class? No, more like cooking show because you are guaranteed to be entertained by these lovely local women! Always a treat – see you there!

When: 3:00 P. M. every Thursday

Where: True Blue Bay Resort

Cost: $15 E.C.

Transportation: Shademan (Patrick) provides transportation to/from any marina $20 E.C. call 420-5639 to save a spot on the bus.

This is only one of the many on-shore adventures you can experience after sailing with LTD Sailing – “Living the Dream!”

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