Full Moon Over the Caribbean

moon What is it about a full moon? Does it conquer up images of moonlight reflecting on the water, warm breezes blowing through the palms and the sound of waves lapping along the side of the sailboat? Or do you think of creatures howling in the moonlight? How does the full moon effect people, animals, or the ocean?

moonStatistically speaking there is no evidence that the moon has any influence on people or animals. Ocean tides are higher during a full moon because the moon is in phase with the sun’s tides. The moon is always present – day or night. What you see is the different phases  illuminated by the sun. But professionals – police officers, counselors, nurses – who are constantly dealing with a variety of people, testify that weird things happen during a full moon.

moonMany people report to have more energy, they can’t sleep, they are moody, emotional or just plain nutty. (Where do you think the term “lunatic” comes from?) Scientist agrue that people are simply hypersensitive to the idea of effects of a full moon so they are more AWARE of it and pay more attention during that time. Is it just  psychosomatic?

moonIf YOU believe you are more energetic, sleepy, crazy, thoughtful, sexy or even become a werewolf during a full moon you probably are and you probably will be. You can’t deny the the magic of a full moon – seeing the shimming, silver reflection on the water, everything lit up in that golden glow like sitting beside a fire, and listening to the quiet rhythm of nature during a full moon.( Okay, maybe not so quiet!) What do those scientist know anyway?

You be the judge:





by Chrystal Young

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