Learning to Sail in the Caribbean Video Series

Get on deck with two couples as they learn to sail in Grenada's blue-water paradise.

This 8-episode series will be released between Sept. 13 and Nov. 2, 2019.

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Episode 2
Man Overboard!

Settling into the salt life with key techniques for getting from point A to point B safely.
  • Tacking (bringing bow through the wind)
  • Jibing (bringing stern through the wind)
  • Kalvin goes all-out rescuing "Alan" the man overboard
  • Shayla finds "the groove"
  • Tom takes the wheel
  • Cole learns something surprising about herself

Episode 3
Welcome to the Catamaran

Stepping up to the catamaran from the small sailboat, getting the grand tour, and learning how to treat her well.
  • Catamaran components
  • Handling a bigger boat
  • Anchoring technique and safety
  • When to leave your boat at anchor
  • Picking up mooring balls
  • Dinghy checks
  • Bonus: Line handling tricks – keeping in yachtie!

Episode 4
Hitting the Groove!

Finding the sweet spot on the water where all the training starts to come together enough to weather a squall...
  • ASA's basic coastal cruising course
  • Charting a course with map and tools
  • When to turn on the motor
  • A magical sail to Carriacou
  • Beating the sun to a locals' favorite hideaway
  • Navigating through reefs as a team
  • Bonus: Weathering a squall!

Episode 5
I just docked a catamaran!

Tom, Shayla, Calvin and Cole put their skills to work to become the navigators plotting a course up to Petite St. Vincent (PSV). Then, they take turns docking the boat.
  • What it takes to park a 45' catamaran (Hint: Slow is Smooth!)
  • Learning when you have too much power on a big boat with big sails
  • Heeling and when to avoid it
  • Executing flawless anchoring skills in the pristine waters of Petite St. Vincent
  • Eating great cuisine on-boat and on-shore with a visit to Goaties

Episode 6
Taking it to the next level...

Testing, testing, 103... The crew takes their American Sailing Association 103 exam in the crystal blue waters off Petite San Vincent. Before more adventure, of course.
  • Learning the technique that lets you throw out the GPS
  • Uh-oh... learning how to react when running low on fresh water
  • A rough docking practice lets the crew refill its water supply on Petite Marintique
  • Practicing Man Overboard drills (MOBs) near picturesque Sandy Island
  • Tom & Shayla talk about the excitement of planning new sailing adventures
  • What BBQ lobster should look like
  • Staging crab races on the beach - what?

Episode 7: Between a
Yacht and a Hard Place

The crew's feeling great about their sailing skills, but a simple error puts them between a yacht and a hard place.
  • Snorkeling at Sandy Island with puffer fish, lobsters, and more
  • Performing engine checks – the 5 things to check when you start to lose power
  • Getting in between a yacht and a hard place (and how to get out again with pride intact)
  • Fishing for dinner from the catamaran
  • Heading to diamond rock under breezy conditions
  • Feeling in charge and ready to sail the world as students become the masters
  • Becoming a mooring ball veteran at the final overnight anchorage

Episode 8 - Coming 11/1


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