Life After Caribbean Sailing School…What's next?


Sailing with LtD Sailing - a Caribbean sailing school
“Let’s go sailing!”

After spending a week with LtD Sailing on an amazing Caribbean sailing school learning adventure in the Caribbean, what’s next? What are you going to do with all your newly acquired skills?  The most logical answer would be to go sailing, right? But how are you going to do that without a boat? Here are a few ideas:

  • Yacht clubs – Look for yacht clubs in your local area. You do not have to own a boat to be a member of a yacht club. Join the club, go to the meetings, and go sailing!

EXAMPLE: http://portlandyc.com/ 

  • Sailing clubs – Sailing clubs offer their members access to sailboats and a variety of different rates. How often do you want to sail?

EXAMPLE: http://seattlesailing.com/membership

  • Flotillas – If you are not completely ready to charter a boat on your own, consider joining a flotilla. A flotilla allows you to gain experience and confidence with the help of a flotilla leader. You can also split the cost of the boat as well as boat handling with another charter captain. If your on your own, you can often book your own cabin without having to charter the whole boat.

EXAMPLE:  http://asa.com/lts-find-a-flotilla.html

  • Racing – If you are any where near water, you will find sailboat racing. Racing is one of the best ways to hone your skills as a sailor. You don’t need any experience to get on a race boat. Just walk the dock before the race, attend the captains briefing or contact the race committee to get on a crew list.  (More on being competent crew member later.)

EXAMPLE: http://www.j24class.org/

  • On-line groups – Find a sailing group on-line such as Meet Up or Facebook. There are all kinds of groups all over the world for sailing, yachting or boating.

EXAMPLE: http://www.meetup.com/Puget-Sound-Sailing-Group/

  • Take another class! You can build on your ASA certifications all the way up to ASA Instructor Evaluator. We would love to have you join us for another Caribbean sailing school course – we offer 10% discount for returning students!

EXAMPLE: https://www.ltdsailing.com/caribbean-sailing-school/courses/

If you are still struggling with trying to find an opportunity to sail after trying all the things listed above or you have other ideas, please contact me at [email protected]

Now, let’s go sailing!!!


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