Sailing in the Grenadines with our Caribbean sailing school or one of our skippered yacht charters is an amazing experience. However, if you can make it happen – combine your Ltd Sailing adventure with one of these unique Caribbean events for the ultimate sailing dream vacation! 


 Mustique Blues Festival

The Mustique Blues Festival is an annual event held at Basil’s Bar. It is one of the top events held in the Grenadines. The festival runs for two weeks – kicking off in late January and running through early February. The festival is organized by the blues singer Dana Gillespie and always features an interesting selection of artists – mainly from the English blues scene. Proceeds from the festival and CD sales benefit the Basil Charles Educational Foundation which provides need-based scholarships to children from St. Vincent.

 This year’s Mustique Blues Festival is scheduled from January 23rd to February 6th 2013. Here’s a link to the Mustique Blues Festival website: Mustique Blues Festival


Bequia Music Fest

Bequia Music Fest is an offshoot of the Mustique Blues Festival and is usually held the first weekend after the Mustique festival starts. It features several of the headliners from the Mustique festival along with musicians from other Caribbean islands and local artists. The Bequia festival is more eclectic and at some of the events a much more rambunctious music scene. A great way to combine the two festivals is to start out with the Bequia Music Fest, spend a few days sailing in the islands and then finish off your sailing vacation with a night or two of the Mustique Blues Festival. Imagine, cruising to the blues festival!

 This year’s Bequia Music Fest is scheduled from January 24th to 27th 2013. Here’s a link to the Bequia Music Fest website: Bequia Music Fest


Bequia Easter Regatta

Bequia Easter Regatta is the premier sailing event in the Grenadines. Always scheduled on Easter weekend. This is a Mount Gay Rum sponsored regatta open to cruising class (charter) boats as well as dedicated racers. One of the most exciting classes racing in this regatta is the local ‘fishing boat’ class. These traditional sprit rigged “double enders” make for great spectator viewing with their “Le Mans” style beach starts and finishes. If you are interested in booking a boat to participate in the Easter Regatta – book early! This is a busy time of the season and boat availability can be limited.

 This year’s Bequia Easter Regatta is scheduled from March 28th to April 1st 2013. Here’s a link to the Bequia Easter Regatta website: Bequia Easter Regatta


St. Lucia Jazz

St. Lucia Jazz is the largest music event held in the region. This event has been going for more than twenty years and always draws big name musicians from near and far. The festival usually begins at the end of April and runs for ten days. Fly into St. Lucia, spend a few days taking in the music and then sail down through the Grenadines and finish off in Grenada. What a great way to kick off your sailing vacation!

 This year’s St. Lucia Jazz is scheduled from April 30th to May 12th 2013. Here’s a link to the official St. Lucia Jazz website: St. Lucia Jazz



Carnival in the Grenadines is known as Vincy Mas. On St. Vincent, Carnival starts in June and concludes the second week of July. If you are in the islands durring Carnival – you really should try to incorporate the festivities into your plans. For the adventurous, there is a Soca Competition (local music style), Street parties and J’Ouvert, a very colorful all night fete! The parade on the last day of Carnival with all the amazing costumes and music is a site to behold! 

The big events from Vincy Mas 2012 ran from June 29th through July 10th 2012. This year’s dates are not available yet – but will probably be similar. We will post the exact dates as soon as they become available. Here’s a link to the official Vincy Mas website: Vincy Mas