American Sailing Association Course Textbooks

We use American Sailing Association approved text books for all our courses.

American Sailing Association texts are well illustrated and easy to understand.

The text books are not included in our course prices.

  • We recommend that you purchase your text books as far ahead as possible in order to give you time to pre-study for your week long sailing adventure.
  • American Sailing Association text books are available from the ASA website at in their online store.
    • You may be able to find the text books in your local bookstore.

Here is a list of the courses we offer and the ASA text book or study material required for that course.

  • Basic Keel-Boat (ASA 101): Sailing Made Easy
  • Basic Coastal Cruising (ASA 103): Coastal Cruising Made Easy
  • Bare-Boat Charter (ASA 104): Cruising Fundamentals
  • Cruising Catamaran (ASA 114): Multihull Fundamentals
  • Coastal Navigation (ASA 105): Coastal Navigation & PowerPoint Presentation CD by Mike Pyzel
    •  This is the best self study material we are aware of for the Coastal Navigation course
  • Advanced Coastal Cruising (ASA 106): The International Marine Book of Sailing by Robby Robinson
    • We also strongly recommend the Advanced Coastal Cruising Study Guide produced by “Go-Sailing” Here is a link to their website:

American Sailing Association text books - on the deck of a yacht

Pre-study of the text books will greatly improve your learning experience.

  • We don’t expect you to have the material mastered when you arrive for your course – BUT reading through the materials and answering the review questions at the end of each chapter will help prepare you for your learning vacation and leave more free time to explore the beautiful Caribbean islands that surround you.


Student sitting on the bow of a sailboat reading American Sailing Association text books.

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