Catamaran Certification – ASA Catamaran Sailing Courses

Two Day ASA Cruising Catamaran Sailing Courses

Includes: Cruising Catamaran Certification (ASA 114) If you already have your ASA Bareboat Cruising certification (or equivalent experience) and would like to give the speed, stability and comfort of a modern cruising catamaran a try, one of our catamaran sailing courses can help you master the skills you need to safely charter one on your own. Catamaran Sailing Courses - LtD Sailing offers ASA 114 Catamaran Certification                    
  • We will send one of our expert ASA certified instructors with you for the first two days of your charter, helping you learn the skills you need to operate a cruising catamaran.
  • The Catamaran Sailing Courses cover sailing differences, maneuvering under sail and power, anchoring and learning to skipper a cruising catamaran.
  • You should have already earned your ASA Bareboat Cruising certification or have equivalent experience before taking this course.
    • If you don’t already have this experience, check out our week-long Cruise and Learn courses.
  • All of our Cruising Catamaran courses are taught aboard well maintained catamarans in the 38 to 46 foot range.
  • As you start out on your charter, your instructor will spend two days with you covering the curriculum for the Cruising Catamaran certification (ASA 114).
  • This course is generally taught as a private instruction course.
Class scheduling is limited, so please call or e-mail today for availability! Call us at (206) 792-9787 or Contact Us Here!  

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