Food! What’s to eat on an Ltd Sailing Sailing Course or Skippered Charter?

Plantain French toast on a Caribbean sailing course or skippered yacht charter

Breakfast is served! Plantains and French Toast.

Whether you are taking a sailing course with our Caribbean sailing school or are a guest aboard one of our skippered yacht charters, dining can be as simple or as exotic as you can imagine.  

Fresh fruit and vegetables on Bequia Island found on one of our sailing courses.

Beautiful fresh fruits and vegetables at Calie’s


Many of our guests are inspired by the awesome array of fresh, tropical fruits and vegetables.Enjoy Bequia limes, avocados as big as grapefruit, and plantains from the Mesopotamia Valley.




You will find that everything is organic and has a wonderful, tasty flavor enhanced by the incredible locale – Grenada and the Grenadines! And spices in abundance! Grenada is the ‘Spice Island’. Peel cinnamon from the bark of a tree, nutmeg on every corner, and salt ponds on the shores of Union Island.  

Dinner ashore on an LTD Sailing course. Mac's Pizza, Bequia, Grenadines.

Dining out? Try the lobster pizza at Mac’s!


Provisioning for the sailing course at the bakery Grenadines

Say “Hi” to Rose at Yummy Stuff Bakery


Walter delivering tasty treats on an LTD Sailing course - LtD Sailing

Walter will deliver warm chocolate filled croissants

dinner is served aboard the boat with the Caribbean sailing course - LTD sailing
Menu option: Cheeseburgers in paradise!









 There are many options for eating out on your sailing course from the little lobster shacks in Chatham Bay  to upscale Firefly on Mustique and everything in between. How about a slice of pizza from Pizza Hut? No, not THAT one – a little hut that serves pizza on Bequia. Or try a roti  –  a favorite local dish.

provisioning for an LTD Sailing course in Bequia, Grenadines

Rasta Market


Do you know the health benefits of coconut water? In the islands the local Rastas will sell you a coconut for $1 or $2 EC – less than a US dollar! It is quite an art to watch them lop off the top of the coconut with their cutlass and present you with a thirst quenching beverage. Ask for the coconut jelly for a special treat.